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Schlock-Wire: NOT OF THE EARTH, THE TERROR WITHIN and DEAD SPACE All Coming To DVD From Shout Factory

Alien invaders are the theme for an upcom­ing bar­rage of releases from Shout! Factory’s Roger Corman Cult Classics line.  The discs in ques­tion are a spe­cial edi­tion of Not Of This Earth, the 1988 Jim Wynorski ver­sion with Traci Lords in first post-porn role, and a two-for-one pair­ing of The Terror Within and Dead Space More >


Infected By The ZOMBIE RABBIT Award

So it looks like TheDivemistress, blog­ger and friend of Schlockmania, gave Your Humble Reviewer his first blog­ging award, a lit­tle some­thing called “The Zombie Rabbit Award,” at her blog Zombots.  Said award was born at the iZom­bie blog (read more here) and The Divemistress’s award post can be found here. These things work on a More >