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Schlock-Wire: Full Details For Shout! Factory’s Release of MST3K Vol. XIX

MSTies need to pre­pare space in their col­lec­tions for another mega-disc set because Shout! Factory is released the nine­teenth vol­ume of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 col­lec­tions in November.  It will fea­ture four clas­sic episodes of this beloved film-parody series that have never been released on video before — Robot Monster, Bride Of The Monster, More >


WITHOUT WARNING: It Came From Beyond… To Stalk & Slash

After the one-two punch of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and Star Wars, film­mak­ers look­ing for a com­mer­cially exploitable hook came down with a big case of “space fever.”  Those on the low-budget end of the spec­trum didn’t have the resources for tricky visual effects or elab­o­rate space­ship mod­els but still man­aged to find More >