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Schlock-Wire: Severin Films Acquires Paul W.S. Anderson’s Controversial Debut, SHOPPING

Like him or loathe him, Paul W.S. Anderson is one of the king­pins of mod­ern genre film­mak­ing thanks to the suc­cess of his Resident Evil series.  Cult film types inter­ested his work will get a chance to see his debut film because Severin Films is prepar­ing DVD and blu-ray ver­sions of Shopping.  This film, which More >


EDITS BY MR. K — VOL. 2: A Successful Marriage Of Old School And Modern Mindset

Remixing a tune for the dance­floor is a chal­lenge but doing an edit of the same tune can be an even big­ger chal­lenge.  Remixers usu­ally have the ben­e­fit of work­ing with mas­ter tapes and being able to mix in or out as much of what’s in the grooves as they wish.  Someone doing an edit More >