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Schlock-Wire: Full Specs For GRINDHOUSE Theatrical Version Blu-Ray

Many a cult-flick fan got their heart bro­ken when Grindhouse was bro­ken down into its com­po­nent films, Planet Terror and Death Proof, when the time came for its DVD release.  Not only were the the­atri­cal edits unavail­able but also most of the won­der­ful faux-trailers.  However, the over­due wait is com­ing to an end this October More >


GAMERA VS. GYAOS: Comfortable As An Old (Rubber Monster) Suit

By the time it reached its third entry, a “house style” had come into focus for the Gamera series.  As such, Gamera Vs. Gyaos is the arche­typal exam­ple of the series: a nasty mon­ster is awak­ened from its slum­ber, Gamera rises up to take him on and Gamera also befriends an admir­ing kid in the More >