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Schlock-Wire: Shout Factory Bringing CANNIBAL GIRLS To DVD In Time For Halloween

Canuxploitation fans take note: Shout! Factory is dish­ing up a savory delight for you this Halloween in the form of a DVD of Cannibal Girls.  For those who don’t know the title, this exploita­tion gem was con­cocted by future comedy-flick auteur Ivan Reitman and pro­vided early roles for future SCTV stars Eugene Levy and Andrea More >


GAMERA VS. GUIRON: Starry-Eyed Kiddie Lunacy From Another World

Two notable things hap­pened to the Gamera series with its fourth install­ment, Gamera Vs. Viras: 1) it went from being kid-friendly to being totally aimed at the kids and 2) it became much more budget-conscious, with cheaper pro­duc­tion val­ues and recy­cled footage.  The results were still fun but the rea­son why shifted as it upped More >