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Schlock-Wire: Synapse Films Bringing VAMPIRE CIRCUS To DVD & Blu-Ray In Time For Xmas

U.S.-based hor­ror fans will be able to fill a major hole in the Hammer Films col­lec­tions this hol­i­day sea­son when Synapse Films releases Vampire Circus on DVD.  Even bet­ter, fans around the world will get a chance for a high-def upgrade because they will also be releas­ing this title as a blu-ray disc.  Both incar­na­tions More >


Schlock-Wire: Schlockmania Reviews MONSTER DOG at Mondo Euro

Just post­ing a notice to tip off any inter­ested read­ers to a bit of extracur­ric­u­lar post­ing by Your Humble Reviewer — he has recently con­tributed a review of Monster Dog to the cool Mondo Euro blog.  For those not in the know, this iwas a star­ring vehi­cle for Alice Cooper that haunted video stores from More >


GAMERA VS. JIGER: In Which A Kiddie Monster-Stomp Series Comes Full Circle

The Gamera series always had a bit of a split per­son­al­ity.  On the sur­face, it deliv­ered the building-stomping kaiju eiga goods.  Under the sur­face, there were often sur­pris­ingly heart­felt themes about how chil­dren are ignored by adults and how we lose the abil­ity to dream or think in imag­i­na­tive terms as we get older.  The More >