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Schlock-Wire: Synapse/Impulse Unleashes THE NIKKATSU TRAILER COLLECTION

Here’s a lit­tle release-day tip for sleaze fanat­ics and Mondo Macabro types: Synapse Films has just released The Nikkatsu Trailers Collection (also known as the Nikkatsu Roman Porno Trailers Collection) through their sexploitation-oriented sub­la­bel, Impulse.  As the titles indi­cate, this set col­lects a series of trail­ers for the wild sex­ploita­tion fare that Japan’s Nikkatsu Studios More >


IMPOSSIBLY FUNKY!: Beyond The Valley Of The Film ‘Zines

If you’re of a cer­tain age and into fol­low­ing cult movies, chances are you’ve bought plenty of ‘zines.  Before the inter­net changed com­mu­ni­ca­tion within sub­cul­tures, these self-made pub­li­ca­tions were the way to get infor­ma­tion on your under­ground hobby of choice with­out any of the filtering/softening-down that often comes with main­stream pub­li­ca­tions.  In fair­ness to the More >