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Schlock-Wire: Roger Corman Sci-Fi Triple Feature Including ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS Hits DVD In January From Shout Factory

Big news for fans of vin­tage sci-fi schlock: a trio of Roger Corman’s early direc­to­r­ial efforts — Attack Of The Crab Monsters, the orig­i­nal Not Of This Earth and War Of The Satellites — will be reis­sued in January on a 2-disc set.  Said pack­age will also be loaded with exten­sive bonus fea­tures, includ­ing a More >


JACKASS 3-D: The Self-Flagellating, Bodily Fluid-Covered Boys Next Door

At one point in Jackass 3-D, beloved dare­devil Steve-O pauses in the mid­dle of intro­duc­ing a seg­ment to rhetor­i­cally ask the audi­ence “Why must I be Steve-O?” It’s a ques­tion we’d all like to know the answer to.  This third film in the series doesn’t get us any closer to that elu­sive answer but it More >