As soon as porno­graph­ic films were invent­ed, it was inevitable that horn­dogs would want to find away to enjoy them at home, away from pry­ing eyes and the some­times dan­ger­ous per­vs who cruised adult the­aters. 8mm loops were the first break­through on front and thou­sands of the­se sleaze-and-skin quick­ies were cir­cu­lat­ed before the advent of home video.

Impulse Pictures recent­ly began their own series of 8mm stag film com­pli­a­tions as an exten­sion of their 42nd Street Forever brand: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 2 is the newest install­ment in this pro­gram of bite-size smut and it deliv­ers a whop­ping two hours and ten min­utes worth of me-decade bed­room fire­works on one disc.  As with the first 42StPSv2-dvdvol­ume, the run­ning time con­sists of fif­teen shorts bro­ken down into three cat­e­gories with five films per each cat­e­go­ry: “boy-girl,” “more than three” and “les­bian.”

Most of the par­tic­i­pants in the­se loops are anony­mous skin-thes­pi­ans but the eagle-eyed will notice a few future porn icons in the mix.  For instance, Chris Cassidy and  star­let-turned-fem­i­nist-porn-film­mak­er Candida Royalle pops up in dif­fer­ent les­bian loops.  Elsewhere, Desiree Cousteau pops up in a steamy inter­ra­cial three­some loop while John Holmes shows in a pre-Johnny Wadd era loop, com­plete with awk­ward­ly slicked-back hair and silent-movie facial expres­sions dur­ing the sex.

The big sur­pris­es here arrive in the no-name loops: a home inva­sion-themed loop begins with some atmos­pher­ic hor­ror movie cam­era angles in a dark­ened house and an oth­er­wise busi­ness-as-usu­al three­some loop begins with the two female par­tic­i­pants sneak­ing into a bed­room where they find the male par­tic­i­pant vig­or­ous­ly hump­ing his pil­low (!).

The Peep Show Collection Vol. 2 also fea­tures one note­wor­thy extra: a 2-page set of lin­er notes from Cinema Sewer creator/smut enthu­si­ast Robin Bougie.  The notes are a fun read, includ­ing some fun­ny quotes from a vin­tage porn mag arti­cle about the cloak-and-dag­ger nature of pur­chas­ing loops in the ‘70s and bio­graph­i­cal notes about Desiree Cousteau that include an inter­est­ing the­o­ry about the attempt­ed assas­si­na­tion of Larry Flynt.

Simply put, 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 2 deliv­ers all the 8mm debauch­ery an adult film col­lec­tor could want, with bet­ter-than-aver­age video qual­i­ty (all the loops were trans­ferred in HD).  Impulse has many more vol­umes planned so col­lec­tors should brace them­selves for a tidal wave of tit­il­la­tion.