42ND STREET FOREVER: THE PEEP SHOW COLLECTION, VOL. 2: Eight Millimeters Of Debauchery

As soon as pornographic films were invented, it was inevitable that horndogs would want to find away to enjoy them at home, away from prying eyes and the sometimes dangerous pervs who cruised adult theaters. 8mm loops were the first breakthrough on front and thousands of these sleaze-and-skin quickies were circulated before the advent of home video.

Impulse Pictures recently began their own series of 8mm stag film compliations as an extension of their 42nd Street Forever brand: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 2 is the newest installment in this program of bite-size smut and it delivers a whopping two hours and ten minutes worth of me-decade bedroom fireworks on one disc.  As with the first 42StPSv2-dvdvolume, the running time consists of fifteen shorts broken down into three categories with five films per each category: “boy-girl,” “more than three” and “lesbian.”

Most of the participants in these loops are anonymous skin-thespians but the eagle-eyed will notice a few future porn icons in the mix.  For instance, Chris Cassidy and  starlet-turned-feminist-porn-filmmaker Candida Royalle pops up in different lesbian loops.  Elsewhere, Desiree Cousteau pops up in a steamy interracial threesome loop while John Holmes shows in a pre-Johnny Wadd era loop, complete with awkwardly slicked-back hair and silent-movie facial expressions during the sex.

The big surprises here arrive in the no-name loops: a home invasion-themed loop begins with some atmospheric horror movie camera angles in a darkened house and an otherwise business-as-usual threesome loop begins with the two female participants sneaking into a bedroom where they find the male participant vigorously humping his pillow (!).

The Peep Show Collection Vol. 2 also features one noteworthy extra: a 2-page set of liner notes from Cinema Sewer creator/smut enthusiast Robin Bougie.  The notes are a fun read, including some funny quotes from a vintage porn mag article about the cloak-and-dagger nature of purchasing loops in the ’70s and biographical notes about Desiree Cousteau that include an interesting theory about the attempted assassination of Larry Flynt.

Simply put, 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 2 delivers all the 8mm debauchery an adult film collector could want, with better-than-average video quality (all the loops were transferred in HD).  Impulse has many more volumes planned so collectors should brace themselves for a tidal wave of titillation.


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