July is here and so is the lat­est install­ment of the new Impulse Pictures com­pli­a­tion DVD series, 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection, Vol. 3.  This series is devot­ed to the silent adult movie loops of the ‘70s and it doles out anoth­er fist­ful of sweaty ‘70s loops for the long hot sum­mer.  While it deliv­ers the kind of car­nal gym­nas­tics you might expect, it also a mem­o­rable lit­tle sur­prise up its sleeve.

42StPSv3-dvdThe third vol­ume of Peep Show Collection set­tles com­fort­ably into a groove estab­lished by the first two vol­umes.  It dish­es up fif­teen vin­tage loops, bro­ken into three catagories of five films each: “boy-girl,” “three” or more and “les­bian.”  As always there are a smat­ter­ing of porn stars in the mix­ture of fly-by-night per­form­ers drawn to the quicks mon­ey of shoot­ing loops: notable per­form­ers here include Linda Wong, Candida Royalle, Jamie Gillis and Susie Nero (who appears in both a boy-girl loop and a les­bian one).

As usu­al, John Holmes also appears and is rep­re­sent­ed by one of his ear­ly loops, com­plete with awk­ward­ly slicked-down hair and post-hip­pie swinger duds.  It’s worth not­ing that the Holmes loop makes a nov­el use of but­ter that sug­gests a loop-style trib­ute to Last Tango In Paris.

However, the big sur­prise here is the final loop, a bizarre and sadis­tic lit­tle dit­ty enti­tled “Barbarian Girls.”  It begins with two hitch­hik­ers get­ting (uncon­vinc­ing­ly) side­swiped by a car.  When one mem­ber of this duo is knocked out, the oth­er drags her into a shack and breaks out the tor­ture imple­ments for a ses­sion of sadism that plays like an episode of Videodrome done with H.G. Lewis-style effects.  It might seem like some­thing you can chuck­le off as a sick joke until it goes for a mem­o­rably nasty bit of muti­la­tion that will make you squirm.

The pack­age is round­ed by a lin­er notes book­let from Robin Bougie, who uses the oppor­tu­ni­ty to muse philo­soph­i­cal about the rite of pas­sage that is dis­cov­er­ing your old man’s hid­den cache of smut.  He weaves in some quotes from an arti­cle in his porn mag research stash and gives the read­er fair warn­ing about the “Barbarian Girls” loop.  All in all, anoth­er solid pack­age of smut from the Impulse films — just look out for that sting in the tail.