42ND STREET FOREVER ROUNDUP: Volumes 32 Through 34

Volume by volume, the 42nd Street Forever Peep Show Collection has stacked up the entries to become a mainstay of the Impulse Pictures library. In fact, the series has amassed thirty volumes since its debut in 2014, each one packed with around two hours of vintage adult film loops. The good folks at Impulse sent a selection of their most recent peep show compilations to Schlockmania headquarters so here’s a quick look.

If you’re not familiar with the series, here’s the deal: each volume is drawn from a massive archive of 8mm “stag loop” short adult films. They’re taken from original prints and remastered. None of them feature sound but the sound of a projector has been overdubbed to give the viewer a sense of vintage verisimilitude. Each disc features a mix of unknown performers, soon-to-be famous adult film stars and wall-to-wall carnal knowledge with a minimum of plot and setup. You get fifteen loops per disc, broken down in three sets of five each by category: boy/girl, multiple partners and lesbian. Check out these past entries for more details on this series.

Without further adieu, here’s a breakdown of highlights from the three most recent volumes…

Vol. 32:  Memorable moments here include a loop involving a gentleman who wears chaps and nothing else to bed and a bizarre loop with Cafe Flesh-style art direction where Mike Horner is pounced on by a pair of women in a room full of female mannequins that leer at their coupling. Stars here include Tawny Pearl in a threesome loop, a pairing of Sue Nero with Veri Knotty and Vanessa Del Rio in not one but two Sapphic loops, the latter of the two a star-studded affair set in a combo shower/bathtub area that also includes Samantha Fox and Merle Michaels. However, the surprise in this set in a German two-couples loop that includes actual location work at a fair and the best/most cinematic photography in the set.

Vol. 33: This volume kicks off with Ron Jeremy back-to-back in two loops shot prior to his hedgehog days (he also appears in a third loop elsewhere in the disc). Female stars who pop up here include Loni Sanders in a bathtub-themed loop, Mai Lin in a trio and Sharon Kane paired with Cris Cassidy in a duo loop. A unique characteristic of this set are two threesome loops that take place on the same “clothing shop” set with the same pair of Asian actresses involved… and the set’s shocker is a threesome loop that involves both a transvestite and a transsexual.

Vol. 34: A generous installment that runs just over two hours. The beginning of this set brings the big guns out (pun fully intended) with back-to-back loops featuring a young John Holmes, one of them featuring a use of food perhaps inspired by Tom Jones. Jamie Gillis is another male star who pops up in a dueling-couples-coupling loop. Elsewhere, female stars are represented by a threesome loop including Vanessa Del Rio and Sue Nero and historical-theme loops involving Linda Wong and Annette Haven. Memorably unique moments: a loop that features footsie-as-seduction plus a young lady with a pentagram tattoo on her derriere and a pair of kink-happy loops both involving a meter maid character(!).

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