Often in life, the simplest things are the most durable and reliable.  In the world of adult cinema, this idea definitely applies to the loop.  These short, silent films, available in 8 and 16mm formats, represent erotica at its most simple.  They are favorites with collectors of this genre for a few reasons: they cut to the chase and deliver a concentrated dose of smut while also weaving in a variety of period specific details (hairstyles, clothing, decor) that serve as catnip to fans of golden era adult filmmaking.

Impulse Pictures has thrown its hat into the golden age collector’s ring with their 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection.  They just made it to Volume 5 of the series and, like the loops it contains, it delivers the oversexed goods in a reliable way.  This disc offers up almost two hours of ’70s/’80s-era loops, fifteen in all, and they are broken into 42SF-PSC5-dvdthree groups of five by theme: “Boy/Girl,” “3 Or More” and “Lesbian.”

The Boy/Girl section is light on familiar faces overall but delivers a memorable entry set in an oversized tub that pairs early porn queen Tina Russell with the notorious Marc Stevens.  There’s also an amusing loop where a would-be rapist gets his knife (and another appendage) used against him.

The Three Or More section is where it’s at if you’re looking for vintage adult film stars.  Annie Sprinkle kicks the section off with an all-lady threesome that adds a man to bump things up to a foursome.  She’s the center of attention and enthusiastic as always.  Georgina Spelvin appears alongside Darby Lloyd Rains in an eventful threesome that has creative use of a toy and a memorable way to wake up an unconscious person.

Tina Russell appears again as she pops in on Harry Reems, who happens to be reading her autobiography (how very meta of her).  Finally, erstwhile porn director Carter Stevens pops up as half of an apartment-prowling rapist duo in another terminally un-P.C. loop.  The Lesbian section is primarly notable for a “battle of the buxoms” teaming of Sue Nero and Lisa DeLeeuw.  Whoever dreamt that combo up was a carnal genius.

As usual, Robin Bougie supplies the liner notes for this set.  He goes deep into the history of the format, quoting a vintage sex magazine article about a adult store scam artist and offering his commentary on a few of the set’s choicest loops.  It’s the perfect closing touch for 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection: Volume 5, which stacks up as another solid loop comp from Impulse. If you want bite-sized smut, they’ve got it.


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