Often in life, the sim­plest things are the most durable and reli­able.  In the world of adult cin­e­ma, this idea def­i­nite­ly applies to the loop.  These short, silent films, avail­able in 8 and 16mm for­mats, rep­re­sent erot­i­ca at its most sim­ple.  They are favorites with col­lec­tors of this gen­re for a few rea­sons: they cut to the chase and deliv­er a con­cen­trat­ed dose of smut while also weav­ing in a vari­ety of peri­od speci­fic details (hair­styles, cloth­ing, décor) that serve as cat­nip to fans of gold­en era adult film­mak­ing.

Impulse Pictures has thrown its hat into the gold­en age collector’s ring with their 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection.  They just made it to Volume 5 of the series and, like the loops it con­tains, it deliv­ers the over­sexed goods in a reli­able way.  This disc offers up almost two hours of ‘70s/‘80s-era loops, fif­teen in all, and they are bro­ken into 42SF-PSC5-dvdthree groups of five by the­me: “Boy/Girl,” “3 Or More” and “Lesbian.”

The Boy/Girl sec­tion is light on famil­iar faces over­all but deliv­ers a mem­o­rable entry set in an over­sized tub that pairs ear­ly porn queen Tina Russell with the noto­ri­ous Marc Stevens.  There’s also an amus­ing loop where a would-be rapist gets his knife (and anoth­er appendage) used again­st him.

The Three Or More sec­tion is where it’s at if you’re look­ing for vin­tage adult film stars.  Annie Sprinkle kicks the sec­tion off with an all-lady three­some that adds a man to bump things up to a four­some.  She’s the cen­ter of atten­tion and enthu­si­as­tic as always.  Georgina Spelvin appears alongside Darby Lloyd Rains in an event­ful three­some that has cre­ative use of a toy and a mem­o­rable way to wake up an uncon­scious per­son.

Tina Russell appears again as she pops in on Harry Reems, who hap­pens to be read­ing her auto­bi­og­ra­phy (how very meta of her).  Finally, erst­while porn direc­tor Carter Stevens pops up as half of an apart­ment-prowl­ing rapist duo in anoth­er ter­mi­nal­ly un-P.C. loop.  The Lesbian sec­tion is pri­marly notable for a “bat­tle of the bux­oms” team­ing of Sue Nero and Lisa DeLeeuw.  Whoever dreamt that com­bo up was a car­nal genius.

As usu­al, Robin Bougie sup­plies the lin­er notes for this set.  He goes deep into the his­to­ry of the for­mat, quot­ing a vin­tage sex mag­a­zine arti­cle about a adult store scam artist and offer­ing his com­men­tary on a few of the set’s choic­est loops.  It’s the per­fect clos­ing touch for 42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection: Volume 5, which stacks up as anoth­er solid loop comp from Impulse. If you want bite-sized smut, they’ve got it.