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Here’s a dozen reviews from Your Humble Reviewer’s work for All Movie Guide during 2003.  Subjects include the least interesting example of all the successful big-budget disaster flicks, an early John Woo movie that shows off his skill for action as well as his pet themes and Mad Magazine’s misbegotten attempt to make a Hollywood comedy with the help of Robert Downey Sr.(!).  It’s a pretty wily bunch and has something to offer cult movie fans of several kinds.  Top Recommendation – if you’ve never seen American Me, put it at the top of your list: it’s a brilliant, oft-heartbreaking crime epic that never turns away from the ugliest qualities of criminal life to communicate its message.

AMERICAN ME: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/american-me-v2010/review

BREAKIN’ 2 – ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/breakin-2-electric-boogaloo-v7003/review

CONTAMINATION: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/alien-contamination-v1505/review

EARTHQUAKE: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/earthquake-v15140/review

FUNHOUSE, THE: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/the-funhouse-v18946/review

LAST HURRAH FOR CHIVALRY: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/last-hurrah-for-chivalry-v147892/review

MONDO TEENO: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/mondo-teeno-v198263/review

PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS, THE: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/the-people-under-the-stairs-v37664/review

REVENGE OF THE NINJA: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/revenge-of-the-ninja-v41176/review

SURF 2: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/surf-2-v47926/review

UP THE ACADEMY: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/up-the-academy-v51961/review

VENGEANCE: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/vengeance-v141794/review