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This installment of the AMG Dirty Dozen offers a heady brew of viewing material: blaxploitation, kung fu, horror, even an Irwin Allen production.  If I had to single out one title as the biggest must-see of the pack, it would definitely be The Ninth Configuration, an amazing blend of black comedy, psychological thriller and philosophy from the great William Peter Blatty.  It’s not schlock but it’s got a cast full of schlock friendly faces – Joe Spinell, Steve Sandor, Tom Atkins, Richard Lynch, etc. – and it’s weird enough for a schlock fiend to take to heart.  If I could go back and rewrite any of these reviews, I’d probably work a little harder on selling the campy joys of Homicidal.  The junkiest of the bunch is the last-gasp disaster flick When Time Ran Out but even it offers up some trashy fun.  Click the links to get the full story on each…

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