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As is usually the case, this edition of the AMG Dirty Dozen offers a witches’ brew of celluloid escapism as it links up to twelve All Movie Guide reviews penned by Your Humble Reviewer way back in 2002.  There’s the best of all drug-horror films in Blue Sunshine, a psycho-sexual thriller about a computer in Demon Seed and a terminally bizarre wolf-attack/message movie hybrid in Wolfen (which is more interesting than it gets credit for in the too-tough review below so “mea culpa“).  Please note there are also cameo appearances from Clint Eastwood and Sam Peckinpah as well as Class Of 1984, which would be Your Humble Reviewer’s pick on the topic of the Perfect B-Movie.

ALLIGATOR: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/alligator-v1677/review

BLUE SUNSHINE: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/blue-sunshine-v6294/review

CLASS OF 1984: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/class-of-1984-v9824/review

DEMON SEED: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/demon-seed-v13181/review

EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/every-which-way-but-loose-v16215/review

KILLER ELITE, THE: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/the-killer-elite-v27292/review

MAU MAU SEX SEX: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/mau-mau-sex-sex-v198512/review

PROM NIGHT: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/prom-night-v39485/review

RETURN OF THE STREET FIGHTER: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/the-return-of-the-street-fighter-v65853/review

SHOCK WAVES: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/shock-waves-v66291/review

THOU SHALT NOT KILL… EXCEPT: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/thou-shalt-not-kill-except-v49621/review

WOLFEN: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/wolfen-v55042/review