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Welcome back to the AMG Dirty Dozen, in which Your Humble Reviewer unearths twelve reviews from his past a freelance reviewer for All Movie Guide.  This time, we’ve got a Jonathan Demme movie about a 1970’s craze that doubles as an exploration of small town Americana, Your Humble Reviewer’s favorite James Bond movie and the only film where Jack Palance co-stars with Black Emanuelle sex goddess Laura Gemser.  There is also a classic Pam Grier vehicle, an underappreciated Hong Kong gangster flick and a fun Psycho knockoff from William Castle.  Mea Culpa Department: the review of Day Of The Cobra is a little too tough – it’s a lesser Enzo Castellari flick but still worth a look for the fans.

ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI, THE: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/the-adventures-of-buckaroo-banzai-across-the-8th-dimension!-v920/review

BLACK COBRA (1976): http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/black-cobra-woman-v124027/review

CANNONBALL RUN, THE: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/the-cannonball-run-v150330/review

CITIZENS BAND: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/citizens-band-v9742/review

DAY OF THE COBRA: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/il-giorno-del-cobra-v61916/review

EDUCATIONAL ARCHIVES VOL. 1: SEX & DRUGS: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/educational-archives-sex–drugs-v254492/review

FOXY BROWN: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/foxy-brown-v18385/review

HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/humanoids-from-the-deep-v23852/review

IN GOD WE TRUST: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/in-god-we-trust-v96386/review

MISSION, THE (1999): http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/the-mission-v186975/review

ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/on-her-majestys-secret-service-v36231/review

STRAIT-JACKET: http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/strait-jacket-v47168/review