When the his­to­ry of adult film­mak­ing is explored, a lot of lip ser­vice is given to the “porno chic” era ush­ered in by Deep Throat and Behind The Green Door.  However, the truth is that era was pret­ty short lived and only cov­ers a small per­cent­age of the adult films pro­duced dur­ing that era.  Most of the peo­ple work­ing in this busi­ness were crank­ing them out as quick as pos­si­ble, min­i­miz­ing sto­ry and artis­tic flour­ish­es to get to the sex as quick­ly as pos­si­ble.  The less expens­es involved in the mise en scene, the bet­ter.

As a result, there’s a lot of junk in this era of adult cin­e­ma.  However, cheap does not nec­es­sar­i­ly mean bad — and The Chambermaid offers proof that sex-flick quick­ies from this era could have a mod­icum of style and wit.  The plot is sim­plic­i­ty itself: a pair of hotel maids (Valerie Marron, Mary Stuart) decide to sup­ple­ment their work­ing class salaries by ChamMaids-dvd2giv­ing hotel vis­i­tors a lit­tle “extra ser­vice” in exchange for bet­ter tips.

Their sub­se­quent adven­tures involve the seduc­tion of a new­ly­wed cou­ple (Eric Edwards, Lynn Stevens), with the female get­ting roped into the tricks-for-tips fun when a busi­ness­man requests a par­ty.  A friend (Andrea True) of the maids joins in to help make up the num­bers, lead­ing to a game of musi­cal boudoirs that leads to plen­ty of car­nal and comedic com­pli­ca­tions.

The result is bet­ter that you’d expect from the two-day won­der divi­sion of adult cin­e­ma.  The per­form­ers have a nice, laid-back qual­i­ty and a sur­pris­ing flair for com­e­dy.  The stars of note here are Edwards, who would be a main­stay of adult films into the 1990’s, and True, who would lat­er score a chart hit with the dis­co clas­sic “More, More, More.”

Whether impro­vised or script­ed, the sit­u­a­tions the­se per­form­ers get into are sur­pris­ing­ly fun­ny, with a series of iden­ti­ty switcheroos and dou­ble-takes that con­jure up fond mem­o­ries of See You Next Wednesday (the fake porn film seen in An American Werewolf In London).  The direc­tor goes uncred­it­ed but he or she had pret­ty decent visu­al instincts when it came to film­ing the sex: the expect­ed gen­i­tal close-up shots are sup­ple­ment­ed with bet­ter-than-aver­age cov­er­age, includ­ing a sur­pris­ing amount of wide shots that allow the view­er to take in both per­form­ers.

In short, The Chambermaids offers a fun trip through the flip­side of porno chic.  If you’re inter­est­ed in going beyond the name-checked clas­sics, this a worth­while quick­ie to add to your list.

DVD Notes: this rar­i­ty recent­ly got a DVD release from Impulse Pictures. The full-frame image was drawn from a rare sur­viv­ing print source so it has a cer­tain grind­house scratch­i­ness to it.  That said, it’s so rare to get micro-bud­get adult fare from this era in any­thing approach­ing a watch­able form so fans will be hap­py to get this film-sourced ver­sion.  There are no extras.