Discophiles, take note: the new reis­sue series you’ll want to be keep­ing an eye on is Disco Recharge.  It has been mas­ter­mind­ed by Mr. Pink, the gold­en-eared cura­tor behind the Disco Discharge com­pi­la­tion series, and is devot­ed to doing deluxe, remas­tered reis­sues of cult favorite dis­co albums.  As the fol­low­ing press notes reveal, they’ve got a big sum­mer ahead with a 2-for-1 reis­sues of the Tangerue and Strange Affair stu­dio projects as well as a 2-disc reis­sue of Voyage’s clas­sic Fly Away album.  Read on for all the mag­i­cal mir­ror­ball details…




Disco Recharge is proud to bring you two cult albums on one CD from the hey­day of US Disco.

Tangerué was orig­i­nal­ly released in 1979 and pro­duced by Bruce Weeden and Ed Strauman. Both were protégés of the dis­co leg­end Boris Midney. Recorded in Philadelphia for South Philly Records the album fea­tures all the hall­marks of 1979 dis­co — soar­ing strings, catchy melodies, coo­ing dis­co girls and a 4/4 beat which meant the album was an instant dance floor smash. Included on this Disco Recharge album is the ‘Tangerué Medley’ which was only pre­vi­ous­ly avail­able as a 12” sin­gle back in the day.

The sec­ond album Strange Affair is a 1980 release which because of the ‘death of dis­co’ move­ment vir­tu­al­ly dis­ap­peared off the radar. Produced again by Bruce Weeden but this time with Giuliano Salerni (of Ultimate fame) this is an absolute gem. Again record­ed for South Philly Records it takes influ­ences from Chic and Salsoul but adds its own unique twist. As a bonus we have includ­ed the 12” ver­sion of ‘Bad Connection’.

Long out of print the orig­i­nal vinyl releas­es of both Tangerué and Strange Affair are peren­ni­al Disco collector’s items with orig­i­nal edi­tions con­sis­tent­ly fetch­ing large sums on e-bay and Discogs. Additionally, a new gen­er­a­tion of re-edi­tors are now dis­cov­er­ing the tracks for the first time and doing their own inter­pre­ta­tions as evi­denced by the amount of re-edits which have recent­ly been turn­ing up on Soundcloud and var­i­ous forums and blogs – proof pos­i­tive that both of the­se albums are ripe for re-dis­cov­ery and will appeal across the dis­co spec­trum.

We would expect all Disco Recharge albums to appeal to the core fan­base of the Disco Discharge series and become col­lectible releas­es in their own right. File under Disco!


Tangerue / Tangerue

Original Album

1. Dance With Me

2. Everynight, Everyday

3. Doin’ Your Own Thing

4. Tangerue

5. Tangerue Medley

Strange Affair / Strange Affair

6. Bad Connection

7. No, No, No

8. Love Is A Strange Affair

9. I’m Ready / Disco Star

10. Don’t Stop The Music

11. Bad Connection (Original 12′ Mix)




Christmas 1978. For that’s when ‘Fly Away’, the sec­ond album by the French cre­at­ed stu­dio group Voyage soared to pole posi­tion in the Billboard Hot Disco Dance Charts and remained on every DJs playlist for a fur­ther solid 18 weeks. ‘Fly Away’ was a bril­liant fol­low-up to the group’s break­out mon­ster album ‘Voyage’ that once more suc­cess­ful­ly mined the the­me of jet set trav­el.

The mes­sage in the music was sim­ple; take a hol­i­day, don’t hes­i­tate, be free and enjoy your­self col­lect­ing ‘Souvenirs’ along the sun-kissed, dressed-to-impress way. The melodies were bright­ly pol­ished, the orches­tra­tion rich­ly tex­tured and the sweep­ing female vocals sum­moned up the lush promise of exotic romance. From the hand-beat­en drum based ‘Kechak Fantasy’, the Indian-flavoured ‘Eastern Trip’ and the ‘Tahiti, Tahiti’ chant with Hawaiian gui­tar accents, through the per­co­lat­ing syn­the­siz­er dri­ven ‘Let’s Fly Away’, the ‘Golden Eldorado’ con­quis­ta­dor fever dream and the Rock ‘n’ Soul ‘Gone With The Music’, the sec­ond Voyage album was an instant dance gen­er­a­tor, anoth­er mag­nif­i­cent take-off into the Disco heav­ens fol­lowed by the most care­free of flights.

Disco Recharge’ presents this essen­tial 1978 Euro Disco clas­sic in a unique Special Edition, the first time the ‘Fly Away’ album has ever received such Deluxe treat­ment. Apart from the orig­i­nal segued ‘Fly Away’ album, CD1 also includes the ‘Special Instrumental Volume 2’ bonus album. This mix of amaz­ing instru­men­tals of tracks from the ‘Voyage’ and ‘Fly Away’ albums received a very lim­it­ed release at the time; it was main­ly given to select DJs. It also fea­tures instru­men­tal ver­sions of tracks from lead singer Sylvia Mason’s 1979 solo album, pro­duced by Voyage, and makes its CD debut here.

CD2 fea­tures all bonus cuts of the hit sin­gles from ‘Fly Away’ includ­ing the Hot Tracks remix of ‘Souvenirs’, plus ‘Dance and Romance’ by Disco & Co, one of the many names the Voyage ses­sion men used for their library music releas­es. Those famous­ly tal­ent­ed ses­sion guys were gui­tarist Slim Pezin, key­boardist Marc Chantereau, bass play­er Sauveur Mallia and drum­mer Pierre-Alain Dahan. It was pro­duc­er Roger Tokarz who put them togeth­er with Sylvia Mason to form the main Voyage core line-up.

But while Sylvia Mason became the pub­lic face of Voyage, she had help with the glo­ri­ous­ly sung crys­tal-clear vocals. Mainly from a com­bi­na­tion of back­ing singers col­lec­tive­ly known as the ‘Birds of Paris’ because they appeared on prac­ti­cal­ly every French Disco release through­out the 1970s. From Cerrone to Alec R. Costandinos and Don Ray to Voyage, the ‘Birds of Paris’ added their instant­ly rec­og­niz­able sig­na­ture touch of close har­monies and choral dex­ter­i­ty. Members of that Disco soror­i­ty includ­ed Madeline Bell, Joanne Stone, Kay Garner, Sunny Leslie, Sue Glover, Vicki Brown, Katie Kissoon — and Stephanie De Sykes.


Disc 1
1) Souvenirs 6.31
2) Kechak Fantasy 3.08
3) Eastern Trip 2.04
4) Tahiti, Tahiti 5.00
5) Let s Fly Away 5.07
6) Golden Eldorado 4.53
7) Gone With The Music 6.54
8 — Lady America 6.43 (Instrumental)
9) Let s Fly Away 4.50 (Instrumental)
10) Golden Eldorado 4.53 (Instrumental)
11) Gone With The Music 6.37 (Instrumental)
12) We ve Gotta Dance 5.49 (Instrumental)
13) Shadow In The Sun 5.19 (Instrumental)
14) Closer To Heaven 4.44 (Instrumental)
15) Hello Superduper Star 5.28 (Instrumental)

Disc 2
1) Souvenirs (Original 12 Mix) 6.29
2) Souvenirs (Original 7 Mix) 3.59
3) Souvenirs (Steve Algozino Hot Tracks Remix) 8.14
4) Souvenirs (Steve Algozino Hot Tracks Remix)
(Pitched up) 6.26
5) Let s Fly Away (Original 12 Mix) 4.59
6) Let s Fly Away (Original 7 Mix) 3.59
7) Tahiti, Tahiti (Original 12 Mix) 5.11
8 — Tahiti, Tahiti (Original 7 Mix) 3.43

Disco & Co

9) Dance And Romance 3.03