Scream Factory has sup­ple­ment­ed their line of spe­cial edi­tions for vin­tage films with new pro­duc­tions from Chiller Films in recent years. These films are bet­ter on the whole than SyFy’s orig­i­nal t.v. movies and every now and then they pro­duce a gem like Beneath. The newest addi­tion to Scream Factory’s line of Chiller Films fare is Animal. The result does well by this solid lit­tle pro­gram­mer, pre­sent­ing a qual­i­ty trans­fer with a few extras.

Animal-bluOne of the best assets Animal has to offer is the crisp-look­ing dig­i­tal pho­tog­ra­phy by Scott Winig. That asset is pre­served with care in this trans­fer, offer­ing impres­sive lev­els of detail and depth to col­or whether it’s a day­light exte­ri­or or a dark inte­ri­or shot. A 5.1 stereo mix is pro­vid­ed in loss­less form to accom­pa­ny this trans­fer and it makes good use of the mul­ti­ple-speak­er setup, with direc­tion­al effects in key moments and the elec­tron­ic score spread out nice­ly through the sound­scape.

A few extras are also includ­ed. The most note­wor­thy is a solo com­men­tary track by direc­tor Brett Simmons. At the out­set, he reveals his approach was to bring an ‘80s vibe to his direc­tion to match a sim­i­lar feel in the script. From there, he goes into great detail about the var­i­ous ele­ments of putting the film togeth­er, includ­ing devis­ing a design for the crea­ture to flesh out what was in the script and plen­ty of analy­sis of the sce­nes and how they influ­enced his direc­to­ri­al approach. He’s hum­ble about his craft and quick to praise his col­lab­o­ra­tors, mak­ing this track an easy­go­ing yet infor­ma­tive lis­ten.

Elsewhere, there are three brief, video-based extras. The first is a “cast inter­views” piece that is a real­ly an EPK that incor­po­rates snip­pets from longer inter­views into a mix­ture of behind-the-sce­nes footage and clips from the film. A the­atri­cal trail­er runs just under two min­utes and offers a snap­py set of high­lights that com­bine quips and car­nage. The last extra is a nov­el teaser trail­er that is done in the style of home movies the char­ac­ters are tak­ing: it’s pret­ty effec­tive, with a nice creepy fin­ish.

In short, this is a nice pre­sen­ta­tion of a made-for-cable flick, offer­ing a qual­i­ty high-def trans­fer with a few sup­ple­ments that will inter­est those who might pick it up.

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