Contamination was recent­ly issued as a blu-ray/DVD set in the U.S. and the U.K. by Arrow Films. The trans­fer is fan­tas­tic, offer­ing an image that is burst­ing with col­or and detail. Even the dark inte­ri­ors that open the film and dom­i­nate the finale look great here. Both Italian and English mono sound­tracks are pro­vid­ed (in loss­less form on the blu-ray), with English subs for the Italian track. Both sound nice and clear, also giv­ing a boost to the throb­bing Goblin syn­th-prog score.

Contam-bluArrow has packed out the set with extras a-plen­ty. A com­men­tary track by Fangoria editor/filmmaker Chris Alexander starts things off. It’s done in a “fan com­men­tary” style and Alexander’s gift of gab keeps it engag­ing: he offers back­ground detail on the cast and crew and talks in humor­ous terms about his his­to­ry as a fan of the film, includ­ing fun sto­ries where he tries to sell it to dis­be­liev­ing audi­ences and a great lit­tle anec­dote about hang­ing out with Cozzi and Ruggero Deodato at a film fes­ti­val.

There is also an array of video extras. A vin­tage 23-min­ute doc­u­men­tary is host­ed by Cozzi, who glee­ful­ly admits using the film to pay homage to his sci-fi heroes as he walks the view­er through the film­ing process. It includes plen­ty of on-set footage. A recent fes­ti­val Q&A with McCulloch and Frizzi runs 41 min­utes, cov­er­ing an array of pro­duc­tion sto­ries includ­ing how the film’s premise was quick­ly slapped togeth­er to sell at MIFED and McCulloch’s mis­ad­ven­tures with a midget thief while on loca­tion in Colombia.

An 11-min­ute inter­view with com­poser Maurizio Guarini allows him to talk about the vin­tage com­pos­ing and record­ing meth­ods used for the film as well as touch­ing on the com­plex per­son­nel his­to­ry of Goblin. He even plays a few snip­pets of the score at his piano. An extend­ed sit­down with Cozzi fea­tures the direc­tor talk­ing us through his entire career, paint­ing a por­trait of him as a sci-fi fan made good who learned his craft on the job.

Fan266-ContamThe most unusu­al fea­turet­te fea­tures crit­ic Maitland McDonagh and his­to­ri­an Chris Poggiali talk­ing about Italy’s his­to­ry of doing cel­lu­loid cash-ins built around Hollywood hits. They talk about the con­tro­ver­sial Jaws ripoff Great White, reveal tricks the film­mak­ers used to make their films look American-made and even dis­cuss the Road Warrior-inspired post-nuke cycle. They pack a lot of insight and fas­ci­nat­ing detail into just under 18 min­utes.

The pack­age is round­ed about by a high­light reel-style trail­er, a com­plete gallery of a graph­ic nov­el done for the film and an enthu­si­as­tic set of lin­er notes by Alexander. If you like this film, this is the best way to see it on home video.

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(Full Disclosure: this review was done using a check-disc blu-ray pro­vid­ed by Arrow Video U.S.A. The disc used for the review reflects what buy­ers will see in the fin­ished blu-ray and the lin­er notes were pro­vid­ed to Schlockmania in PDF form.)