When Shout! Factory began issu­ing DVD’s of 20th Century Fox films a few years back, many a cult movie col­lec­tor hoped the­se films would one day also receive a blu-ray release from the com­pa­ny. The company’s lat­est release takes a stab at mak­ing good on those wish­es, offer­ing a high-def­i­n­i­tion upgrade for their pre­vi­ous dou­ble-DVD set of Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and Race With The Devil — and the results deliv­er old-fash­ioned dri­ve-in excite­ment with a new lev­el of audio-visu­al pol­ish.

If you’re not famil­iar with the­se films, they are two Peter Fonda vehi­cles released dur­ing the mid-70’s that fea­ture a lot of car-chase excite­ment. Dirty Mary Crazy Larry is a chase movie with an under­cur­rent of Vanishing Point-style exis­ten­tial­ism that pairs Fonda with Susan George. Race With The Devil com­bi­nes the chase movie with occult-themed hor­ror and ‘70s-style para­noid thriller ele­ments, with Warren Oates serv­ing as a wor­thy co-star to Fonda. 

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The trans­fers for both films look impres­sive on blu-ray. In terms of cin­e­matog­ra­phy, both films lean heav­i­ly on out­door exte­ri­ors full of rac­ing and crash­ing cars and all the action looks nice and crisp in the­se trans­fers. It’s also worth not­ing that extend­ed night­time sce­nes in Race With The Devil hold up nice­ly on this disc, with the black lev­els look­ing solid. Both films fea­ture loss­less pre­sen­ta­tions of their orig­i­nal mono sound­tracks and t he results are nice and clear, with plen­ty of oom­ph to the car chase sound effects.

In terms of extras, the bonus fea­tures from Shout! Factory’s DVD releas­es of the­se films are port­ed over, includ­ing com­men­tary tracks and ret­ro­spec­tive fea­turettes (the only things not car­ried over are some bonus trail­ers for oth­er Shout! Factory releas­es). Those spe­cial fea­tures were cov­ered exten­sive­ly in Schlockmania’s past reviews of the­se discs and you can access those reviews here:

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In short, this new blu-ray offers a strong A/V upgrade for fans of the­se films while also retain­ing the qual­i­ty extra fea­tures from their respec­tive DVDs. If you love vin­tage dri­ve-in excite­ment on blu-ray, this release is worth the mod­est invest­ment.