Severin Films has been revis­it­ing their cat­a­log in recent times to deliv­er high-def upgrades of fan favorites.  It’s worth not­ing that they are care­ful to add some extra val­ue in the new pre­sen­ta­tions.  With their release of The Sinful Dwarf, they took on a Something Weird Video-style strat­e­gy of beef­ing up the set’s extras with an Felicity-bluaddi­tion­al film by the same film­mak­ers.  They’ve tak­en this con­cept even fur­ther with their blu-ray upgrade of Felicity, adding two extra fea­tures by direc­tor John Lamond to make the new release a triple fea­ture.

The trans­fer of Felicity holds up nice­ly to the scruti­ny of high def­i­n­i­tion, offer­ing sat­is­fy­ing lev­els of grain and col­or that reflect the film’s ‘70s-era vin­tage in a con­vinc­ing way.  The DTS pre­sen­ta­tion of the film’s orig­i­nal mono mix sounds nice and clear, with the music get­ting a lit­tle added heft.

Severin also packs this disc to the rafter with extras — the two addi­tion­al fea­ture films are just the begin­ning.  Here is a play-by-play account of what you can expect…

Commentary: This track reunites Lamond with star Glory Annen.  Lamond reveals plen­ty of inter­est­ing minu­ti­ae about the shoot and fre­quent­ly asks Annen for the female per­spec­tive on var­i­ous aspects of the film.  Annen responds in kind, intel­li­gent­ly dis­cussing hoFelicity-05w she han­dled the film’s demands and her atti­tude toward erot­i­ca.  She also reveals she is actu­al­ly Canadian, which will stun many a view­er who thought she was a Brit!  It’s a relaxed yet infor­ma­tive track that is worth the time for fans.

The ABC’S Of Love Australia Style: Lamond’s play­ful 1977 riff on the sex-man­u­al films of the ear­ly ‘70s is revived here as the first of two bonus fea­ture films.  The trans­fer isn’t quite as good as Felicity but still looks respectable for an obscure exploita­tion item.

It also includes a com­men­tary track pair­ing Lamond with Not Quite Hollywood doc­u­men­tar­i­an Mark Hartley.  Lamond dis­cuss­es how he chose a light, play­ful style to the erot­i­ca on dis­play to coun­ter­act poten­tial charges of pornog­ra­phy as well as trav­el­ing to Sweden to film explic­it sequences with real sex-show per­form­ers.  Hartley Felicity-06asks plen­ty of ques­tions and has info on every cast mem­ber, includ­ing the sex-show per­form­ers.

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Australia After Dark: The sec­ond bonus film is Lamond’s sex­ploita­tion respon­se to the Mondo Cane series. It drops the morbid/gruesome ele­ments of the mon­do film for a focus on sex and harm­less weird­ness.  The uncut trans­fer used here comes from a video source: it’s got that rough analog video look and has a time­code in spots but it’s still a nice extra for sex­ploita­tion col­lec­tors.

Felicity-07There is also a com­men­tary track for this film, again pair­ing Lamond with Hartley. Lamond reveals that despite all the recre­ations and fal­si­fied sce­nes, he did a lot of research to find real-life char­ac­ters and odd sit­u­a­tions that reflect­ed the Australian expe­ri­ence cir­ca 1975.  There’s also an inter­est­ing stretch where he dis­cuss­es his work with Aussie dis­trib­u­tor Roadshow and how observ­ing audi­ences while on the job influ­enced his film­mak­ing style.  Hartley adds plen­ty of ques­tions, points out all the Lamond reper­to­ry actors in the recre­ations and throws out some inter­est­ing stats and press quotes, to boot.

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Not Quite Hollywood Outtakes: An hour’s worth of out­takes from Hartley’s tit­u­lar doc­u­men­tary that cov­er three dif­fer­ent peo­ple involved with Felicity: Annen, Lamond, cin­e­matog­ra­pher Garry Wapshott — plus ABC’s Of Love co-writer Alan Finney.  Wapshott and Finney pay trib­ute to Lamond’s charm­ing­ly lech­er­ous approach Felicity-08to com­mer­cial film­mak­ing and Lamond speaks fond­ly of sex­ploita­tion while strip­pers gyrate on a club stage behind him — but it’s Annen who has the most inter­est­ing things to say.  She talks about her pro­fes­sion­al train­ing as an actor and dis­cuss­es her moti­va­tions for tak­ing on the role as well as how she dealt with the nudi­ty and sex.

John Lamond Trailer Gallery:  A fun col­lec­tion of trail­ers for the director’s var­ied fil­mog­ra­phy.  In addi­tion to the trail­ers for the sex­ploita­tion films con­tained on this disc, there are also spots for his slash­er entry Nightmares and Pacific Banana, a sex com­e­dy that was also a sta­ple of late night cable pro­gram­ming.

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