Lake Placid might have done mod­est busi­ness at the the­aters but its campy vibe attract­ed a bit of a cult fol­low­ing on home video, where it spawned no less than three sequels.  Thus, it had enough cachet to be revis­it­ed on blu-ray and Scream Factory did the high-def­i­n­i­tion hon­ors.  The result is a tidy lit­tle blu-ray that not only offers a nice trans­fer but throws in a fist­ful of extras new and old for the film’s fans.LakePlac-blu

Things start nice­ly with a good trans­fer of the film.  The out­doorsy col­or palet­te looks nice and nat­u­ral here and the details look vivid through­out.  The 5.1 DTS-HD stereo mix for this trans­fer sounds good for an old­er sur­round track, par­tic­u­lar­ly in its use of John Ottman’s lav­ish musi­cal score.

The extras begin with the newest bonus fea­ture, a Scream Factory-cre­at­ed fea­turet­te sim­ply enti­tled “The Making Of Lake Placid.”  It runs about 31 min­utes and includes an impres­sive ros­ter of par­tic­i­pants like direc­tor Steve Miner, cin­e­matog­ra­pher Daryn Okada, star Bill Pullman, edi­tor Marshall HaLakePlac-04rvey and pro­duc­tion design­er John Willett.

No one in this piece is at a loss for com­ments. Miner talks about let­ting David Kelley’s script set the tone for his direc­tion instead of vice-ver­sa and Harvey sup­ports the­se thoughts with some insight­ful com­ments about the rela­tion­ship between humor and hor­ror.  Okada talks about the chal­lenges of shoot­ing on water and Willett reveals how an exten­sive tank set was built for shoot­ing the big action-on-water sce­nes.  Miner prais­es the abil­i­ties of each cast mem­ber, with Betty White and Oliver Platt receiv­ing spe­cial praise.  All in all, an infor­ma­tive piece for the fans inter­est­ed in the film­mak­ing chal­lenges of Lake Placid.

LakePlac-05Next up are some trail­ers.  A the­atri­cal trail­er does a good job of sell­ing the film’s “jokes and jump-scares” approach while a trip of t.v. spots uti­lize the same bal­ance.  One of those t.v. spots mem­o­rably quotes a crit­ic who describes Lake Placid as “This year’s Anaconda!”

There’s also a vin­tage fea­turet­te includ­ed, an EPK-style piece that runs just under six min­utes.  It mix­es inter­view sound­bites from Miner and his cast plus film clips.  Pullman scores the best com­ment of the piece when he describes Lake Placid as “Jaws with neu­rotics.”

LakePlac-06The most unex­pect­ed inclu­sion is some­thing called “Croc Test Footage.” it offers just over sev­en min­utes of silent cam­corder video depict­ing a few FX crew mem­bers test­ing out the large scale croc in the water, sub­merg­ing and rais­ing it as the cam­era pans back and forth across it.  The last extra is a behind the sce­nes image gallery that offers 40 shots of Miner and his cast on set as well as plen­ti­ful shots of the com­plex logis­tics involved in cap­tur­ing the film’s prac­ti­cal effects.

All in all, Scream Factory has cre­at­ed a nice lit­tle blu-ray for Lake Placid’s fans, who will appre­ci­ate the solid trans­fer and the new fea­turet­te.  It’s worth the upgrade for fans of comedic hor­ror fare.

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