One blu-ray in a collector’s edi­tion isn’t the lim­it for Scream Factory any­more.  As they showed with their excel­lent 2 blu-ray set of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, they’ve got the chops to com­plex pre­sen­ta­tions of fan favorites that boast tons of extras and some­times mul­ti­ple trans­fers.  They’ve applied this treat­ment to the Manhun-bluMichael Mann cult clas­sic Manhunter and the results give this cat­a­log favorite an upgrade wor­thy of its noble cin­e­mat­ic lin­eage.

This edi­tion of Manhunter fea­tures two ver­sions of the film, one on each disc.  The first disc has the the­atri­cal ver­sion.  The sec­ond disc has a director’s cut that adds in a few min­utes of extra footage from an SD source: much of this stuff is extra plot and char­ac­ter info but fans will be inter­est­ed to know it also includes a longer, mod­i­fied ver­sion of the end­ing.  Barring the SD footage in the director’s cut, both pre­sen­ta­tions have a nice depth to the fre­quent night pho­tog­ra­phy and a rich col­or palet­te.  5.1 and 2.0 loss­less stereo mix­es are includ­ed for each: 5.1 is rec­om­mend­ed as it does a lot with the almost wall-to-wall syn­th-rock score that is a huge part of the film’s aes­thet­ic punch.

Both discs also include a bevy of extras, with the first disc includ­ing an array of new mate­ri­al and the sec­ond car­ry­ing over bonus fea­tures from a past DVD edi­tion.  Here’s a run­down of what yoManhun-04u can expect:

Disc One:

Mind Of Madness (18:16): an inter­view with star William Petersen.  He talks about his con­nec­tion with Mann, which extends all the way back to Thief, and gets into the speci­fici­ty of Mann’s approach, both with actors and with film­mak­ing in gen­er­al.  He talks about how the FX were impro­vised for the finale and also tells a fun sto­ry about watch­ing the film with Mann for the first time.

Courting A Killer (15:54): a chat with actress Joan Allen.  She gives a very detailed account of her work rela­tion­ship with Mann then goes on to dis­cuss her cast­mates and the chal­lenge of doing dif­fer­ent sce­nes.  It’s a very actor­ly dis­cus­sion that offers nice insight into her process.Manhun-05

Francis Is Gone Forever (23:03): an excel­lent piece with actor Tom Noonan, who offers a com­men­tary on the film­mak­ing process that is as wit­ty as it is quirky.  He talks about the free­dom Mann gave him to devel­op the role, reveal­ing how he favored char­ac­ter over sto­ry­line and emo­tion over man­ner­isms.  He also talks about the the unused tat­too make­up that result­ed in sce­nes being reshot, offers some nice mem­o­ries of work­ing with Allen and tells a hilar­i­ous sto­ry about going on Regis & Kathie Lee to pro­mote the film.

The Eye Of The Storm (35:56): a dis­cus­sion with cin­e­matog­ra­pher Dante Spinotti.  He reveals how his rela­tion­ship with Dino De Laurentiis led to his work on this film and then goes into great tech­ni­cal detail on how sev­er­al dif­fer­ent sce­nes were achieved from the pho­to­graph­ic stand­point.  Near the end, he talks about Red Dragon, which he also shot, and his take on doing two ver­sions of the same sto­ry.

The First Lecktor (40:29): an illu­mi­nat­ing chat with actor Brian Manhun-06Cox.  He takes on a wit­ty and elo­quent tone as he lays out the tale of how he was cast as Hannibal then goes on to dis­cuss the com­plex array of influ­ences on his per­for­mance before get­ting into detailed appre­ci­a­tions of his cast­mates and Mann.

The Music Of Manhunter (42:22): the nicest sur­prise on the set is an exten­sive fea­turet­te devot­ed to the film’s elec­tron­ic rock score.  Main com­poser Michel Rubini is includ­ed as well as mem­bers from all three groups (The Reds, Shriekback, Red 7) used on the sound­track.  You get sto­ries behind the dif­fer­ent songs and instru­men­tals as well as everyone’s impres­sions of work­ing with Mann.  Barry Andrews of Shriekback also has some amus­ing com­ments about oth­er Mann pro­duc­tions the group’s work has been used in.Manhun-07

Other Extras: A rock video-ish the­atri­cal trail­er and an exten­sive still gallery packed with one hun­dred images of pro­mo pho­tos, inter­na­tion­al poster art and more.

Disc Two:

Commentary: this is a solo track by Mann.  It can be terse, with peri­od­ic gaps of silence, but it is well worth a lis­ten for fans.  The writer/director goes deep on his method­ol­o­gy, includ­ing what he changed from the nov­el and why, his research into the pathol­o­gy of seri­al killers, ana­lyt­i­cal detail on his choic­es as a writer and direc­tor and an array of pro­duc­tion and cast­ing anec­dotes.

Manhun-08The Manhunter Look (10:04): a 2001 chat with Spinotti that offers a thumb­nail sketch of the same cin­e­mato­graph­ic mate­ri­al he cov­ers on disc one.  However, there are some inter­est­ing bits worth lis­ten­ing for, includ­ing an anec­dote about how fram­ing was used to com­ment on the sto­ry.

Inside Manhunter (17:17): a tight­ly-edit­ed piece uti­liz­ing inter­views with the film’s four leads: Graham, Noonan, Allen and Cox.  It quick­ly moves through mul­ti­ple sec­tions by the­me, cov­er­ing cast­ing tales, research, the Lecter/Graham rela­tion­ship, work­ing with Mann and the wild shoot for the film’s finale.

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