Chiller T.V.‘s string of made-for-cable films have found a nice home on video via Scream Factory, includ­ing some nice blu-rays that do well by the­se dig­i­tal-ori­ent­ed pro­duc­tions (check out their blu of Beneath for an excel­lent exam­ple).  The com­pa­ny has released anoth­er Chiller title in their 2013 “reboot” of The Monkey’s Paw — and the results main­tain the qual­i­ty of Scream Factory’s oth­er Chiller releas­es.

MonkPaw-bluThings start off hand­some­ly with a nice trans­fer of the film.  Scott Winig’s cin­e­matog­ra­phy is one of the best ele­ments of The Monkey’s Paw and it reg­is­ters in a col­or­ful and nice­ly detailed way here.  2.0 and 5.1 stereo loss­less tracks are includ­ed for this trans­fer: the 5.1 track was uti­lized for this review, and it’s a qual­i­ty mix that offers sur­round effects dur­ing key scare sce­nes and spreads the film’s score around nice­ly.

Scream Factory has added in a few extras, the most sub­stan­tial being a com­men­tary track fea­tur­ing direc­tor Brett Simmons, actor C.J. Thomason and cin­e­matog­ra­pher Winig.  Simmons takes the lead, talk­ing about how he envi­sioned the film as a sequel/alternate ver­sion of the orig­i­nal short sto­ry and how get­ting to shoot in New Orleans was a major attrac­tion of the gig for him.  He also offers details on how weather/location issues led to the restag­ing of some sce­nes and how cer­tain script ele­ments were reworked dur­ing the shoot.

Thomason offers a detailed appre­ci­a­tion of Stephen Lang and Daniel Hugh Kelly’s per­for­mances while Winig offers some inter­est­ing tech­ni­cal details about how dif­fer­ent shots were achieved.  It’s a pret­ty live­ly track from the get-go and the three par­tic­i­pants give the lis­ten­er a nice sense of how they all worked togeth­er to make the best film the cir­cum­stances allowed.

MonkPaw-04Also includ­ed is a trail­er used for the film’s brief the­atri­cal engage­ments and VOD release.  It’s a flashy piece of work that sells the film as a roller­coast­er, throw­ing in most of the film’s vis­cer­al moments and using lots of dig­i­tal speed-up effects.  There is also a seg­ment enti­tled “Making The Monkey’s Paw.”  It runs just under five min­utes and is essen­tial an EPK where Simmons and sev­er­al of the film’s actors dish up sound­bites to pro­mote the film: the direc­tor talks about his approach while the actors most­ly talk up how they approached their roles.

To sum up, Scream Factory has put a nice lit­tle disc for this t.v. pro­duc­tion.  Anyone into mod­ern t.v.-size ter­ror will appre­ci­ate this pre­sen­ta­tion.

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