The first wave of Shout! Factory’s releas­es from Roger Corman’s New World/Concorde sta­ble of films cov­ered a lot of obvi­ous hor­ror and sci-fi stuff: Death Race 2000, Piranha, Humanoids From The Deep, etc.  As they’ve con­tin­ued, they’ve got­ten into the stuff the hard­core fans real­ly obsess over, a diverse range of slight­ly lesser known mate­ri­al like The Great Texas Dynamite Chase and Women In CagesThe Nurses Collection digs even deep­er into fan-fave ter­ri­to­ry by exca­vat­ing 4 of Corman’s “nurse” movies from the ear­ly days of New World.  The results deliv­er a lot of sex­ploita­tive bang for the cult film fan’s buck.

The four films includ­ed in this set are Private Duty Nurses, Night Call Nurses, The Young Nurses and Candy Stripe Nurses.  Each film gets a new anamor­phic trans­fer in the 1.78:1 ratio for this set and the results are easy on the eye: the vin­tage col­or palet­te is retained for each but image qual­i­ty is crisp.

The audio for each trans­fer comes from the orig­i­nal mono mix­es for each title.  There’s some slight but notice­able audio dam­age in spots: a bur­bling sound can be heard in qui­et spots on The Young Nurses and Night Call Nurses while there’s a bit of dis­tor­tion in the last few reels of Private Duty Nurses.  It would have been nice to have a lit­tle bit of cleanup in the­se areas but the over­all sound qual­i­ty is solid.

There are also a few fea­turettes includ­ed in this set, one on each disc.  The first disc’s fea­turet­te is enti­tled “Anatomy Of A Nurse Film.”  It’s built around inter­views with two nurse-film direc­tors, Night Call Nurses’ Jonathan Kaplan and Candy Stripe Nurses’ Alan Holleb.  Both men are self-effac­ing and wit­ty as they recount how they end­ed up doing nurse movies for Corman, with Kaplan focus­ing on slice-of-pro­duc­tion-life anec­dotes while Holleb is ana­lyt­i­cal and frank about his work as a first-time direc­tor.  Along the way, the two men reveal a lot of fas­ci­nat­ing infor­ma­tion about the nurse film gen­re, includ­ing how Corman mod­eled the series upon Valley Of The Dolls and a break­down of how the nurse char­ac­ters and sub­plots were designed.

The sec­ond disc’s fea­turet­te is “Paging Dr. Corman”  — and it actu­al­ly fea­tures both Cormans, Roger and Julie.  They dis­cuss the com­mer­cial fac­tors that inspired the cre­ation of New World’s nurse-flick series and dis­cuss how and why the direc­tors were cho­sen for Night Call Nurses, The Young Nurses and Candy Stripe Nurses (Private Duty Nurses is odd­ly omit­ted from the dis­cus­sion).  Like “Anatomy Of A Nurse Film,” this twelve-min­ute piece was direct­ed and edit­ed by Elijah Drenner and it moves at a snap­py pace that is punc­tu­at­ed by plen­ty of col­or­ful clips from the films in this set.

In short, The Nurses Collection is anoth­er tidy mul­ti-film New World set from Shout Factory, made all the sweet­er by a cou­ple of choice fea­turettes.  It’s well worth the mod­est price for exploita­tion film his­to­ri­ans and any­one else into New World/Corman mate­ri­al.

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