When The Sinful Dwarf was announced for a lim­it­ed collector’s edi­tion blu-ray by Severin Films, Schlockmania won­dered exact­ly how they’d go about cre­at­ing a spe­cial edi­tion for a grot­ty lit­tle hunk of cel­lu­loid like this. Sure, you could remas­ter the film itself but how could you flesh out a disc with extras for a film so shroud­ed in mys­tery? To their cred­it, Severin found ways to deal with the issue and cre­at­ed an impres­sive pre­sen­ta­tion that will turn the heads of grind­house buffs.

SinDwar-bluThis disc boasts two ver­sions of the main attrac­tion. The first is a new HD trans­fer of the stan­dard cut of the film under its Harry Novak-released title, Abducted Bride. This is an inher­ent­ly rough-look­ing film, with a washed-out look that is equal parts soft and grainy, but it ben­e­fits from the HD bump it gets here. The col­ors are stronger and there’s a new clar­i­ty to the film par­tic­u­lar­ly in close-ups. Sound sticks to the orig­i­nal mono mix, pre­sent­ed in loss­less form, and it gets the job done nice­ly.

There is also a XXX ver­sion of the film, includ­ed with oth­er extras on a sep­a­rate menu enti­tled “XXX World,” that uses the same trans­fer but adds in an addi­tion­al three min­utes of footage tak­en from a dark­er, grainier source. That said, the visu­al rough­ness of those bits is like­ly to add to the grimy allure of the film for its twist­ed fan­base.

As for extras, Severin has found some inter­est­ing ways to deal with the com­pli­ca­tions of pro­duc­ing extras for a film like this…

Trail Of Torben (7:38): this quick fea­turet­te con­sists of nar­ra­tion over film clips and pho­tos as an uniden­ti­fied nar­ra­tor gives an account of Severin’s attempts to find out info about the peo­ple behind The Sinful Dwarf. Such info turned out to be pret­ty sparse but this does turn up some inter­est­ing fac­toids about the life of Torben Bille, the wom­en who played the “attic girls” and an inter­est­ing encoun­ter with the film’s cred­it­ed com­poser, Olé Orested.

SinDwar-03Novak: Sultan Of Cinema (6 min.): This sit­down with documentarian/historian Elijah Drenner has him offer­ing up a few facts and opin­ions about The Sinful Dwarf’s U.S. dis­trib­u­tor, Harry Novak. He makes a case for Kiss Me Quick as Novak’s best release and talks about his dis­tri­b­u­tion tac­tics. There are also some great clips from the films he han­dled.

Friend Or Foe (10 min.): sub­ti­tled “The Severin Controversy,” this is a mock-doc that takes the form of an inves­tiga­tive report in which a cou­ple of irate cult film fans tes­ti­fy to the dan­gers of watch­ing The Sinful Dwarf. This was orig­i­nal­ly done to pro­mote Severin’s DVD release of the film and was used for a viral cam­paign back in the day.

SinDwar-04The Blue Balloon: this 72-min­ute Danish hard­core fea­ture is includ­ed under the “XXX World” menu, tak­en from a 16mm source and pre­sent­ed in HD. A title card before the film tells the view­er it was includ­ed because it was made by the pro­duc­ers of The Sinful Dwarf and also fea­tures one of that film’s “attic girls,” Lisbeth Olson, in the main role. It’s also of inter­est because it has some sim­i­lar con­cep­tu­al ele­ments, name­ly the plot revolv­ing around a young wom­an (Olson) who is kid­napped, drugged and forced into pros­ti­tu­tion, much like the attic girls in The Sinful Dwarf. While not as mean as the main fea­ture on this disc, it’s sev­er­al times more sex­u­al­ly explic­it.

HottesSinDwar-adt Show In Town (excerpt): the final inclu­sion in the “XXX” world area is a hard­core sequence that involves two cir­cus per­former dwarves hav­ing sex while their cowork­ers spy through a win­dow. It is includ­ed here because it is rumored that the male in the scene is The Sinful Dwarf him­self, Torben Bille. It’s dif­fi­cult to tell if this is true but who­ev­er it is in this scene def­i­nite­ly shows his sin­ful side, amongst oth­er things.

Additional Extras: a delight­ful­ly seedy U.S. trail­er under the Abducted Bride title, a short­er Severin trail­er that is just as glee­ful­ly nasty and a trio of creepy radio spots that will make you won­der what kind of radio sta­tion would play such things.

All in all, this is a suc­cess­ful upgrade of a favorite from the Severin library whose val­ue is enhanced for adult film/grindhouse fans by the bonus film and the intrigu­ing bits of info in the oth­er sec­tions. If you like this film’s sleazy charms, you’ll get the deluxe expe­ri­ence here.

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