A nice ele­ment of Shout! Factory’s Roger Corman DVD/blu-ray reis­sue series is that they’ve man­aged to work in some entries from his Concorde Pictures days alongside the expect­ed New World Pictures fare.  For exam­ple, there have been qual­i­ty DVD releas­es of Jim Wynorski’s Not Of This Earth remake and The Terror Within.  More recent­ly, they made a lot of grind­house buffs hap­py by turn­ing their atten­tions to the 1985 cult favorite Streetwalkin’.  The result not only looks great but also offers an impres­sive bonus fea­ture in the bar­gain.

The trans­fer is sur­pris­ing­ly strong for an 1980’s era low bud­get effort.  One of the most appeal­ing aspects of Streetwalkin’ is Steven Fierberg’s neon-drenched cin­e­matog­ra­phy and it comes across nice­ly here.  The anamor­phic let­ter­boxed image does well with the vivid hues as well as the fre­quent night pho­tog­ra­phy, offer­ing up an accept­able grain tex­ture that doesn’t get over­bear­ing.  It retains its grit­ty yet styl­ish look and fans will be hap­py for the upgrade from the old, fuzzy VHS edi­tions of this film.  The sound retains the orig­i­nal Dolby 2.0 mix: there’s a lit­tle age-relat­ed wear and tear here (the odd pop or crack­le) but over­all it retains a solid, vin­tage sound.

There’s also a tru­ly note­wor­thy extra on this disc: a com­men­tary track with director/co-writer Joan Freeman and her producer/co-writer hus­band, Robert Alden.  The two offer a thought­ful but no-holds-barred com­bi­na­tion of mem­o­ries and analy­sis of the Corman film­mak­ing expe­ri­ence.  Both speak frankly about how Corman was an effec­tive but oft-manip­u­la­tive men­tor, right down to using spies on the set to keep tabs on the young film­mak­ers’ pro­gress.

Better yet, there are some fas­ci­nat­ing sto­ries about the research done to give the film its sense of grit, includ­ing a great sto­ry about Freeman using her­self as bait in a pimp bar to get first-hand expe­ri­ence on deal­ing with them.  Elsewhere, tales of a real-life hook­er and pimp who served as script con­sul­tants are unex­pect­ed­ly poignant.  It all adds up to a real trea­sure of a track that fans of the film will adore.

The only hic­cup on this disc is that the back cov­er promis­es a trail­er that doesn’t turn up on the disc itself.  That minor issue aside, this disc of Streetwalkin’ is anoth­er strong edi­tion to Shout! Factory’s Corman reper­toire and a must for fans of this series.  It’ll look great on the DVD shelf next to your copies of Vice Squad and the Angel tril­o­gy.

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