Cult Epics has been the patron saint of Tinto Brass’ post–Caligula work in the United States, giv­ing qual­i­ty DVD and blu-ray releas­es to his films from The Key on down the line.  Their lat­est achieve­ment in this are­na is Tinto Brass: Maestro Of Erotic Cinema, a lav­ish 4 blu-ray/1 DVD set that col­lects the four films he made between 2000 and 2006 in high-def­i­n­i­tion style.  It includes all the extras from the ini­tial releas­es of the­se titles plus a weighty pair of new extras that the Brass afi­cionado will appre­ci­ate.

TB-MOEC-bluIf you’re curi­ous about the films this set con­tains — Cheeky!, Private, Monamour and Black Angel — here are direct links to reviews for each film:

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For starters, every­thing here has a strong 1.78:1 trans­fer: though this slight­ly crops Brass’ pre­ferred 1.66:1 ratio, it doesn’t inter­fere too bad­ly with the com­po­si­tions.  Brass shot on HD cam­eras a lot dur­ing this era and it trans­fers well, offer­ing plen­ty of col­or and sharp detail (even when he delib­er­ate­ly blows out the imagery in some sequences).  Italian tracks are offered for all films as well as English mix­es wherever avail­able — for exam­ple, Black Angel is a film that didn’t have an English dub. The sound­tracks are lossy instead of loss­less but the results sound decent, with no dis­tor­tion and clear mix­es through­out.

Cheeky-posAll extras from the orig­i­nal blu-ray releas­es of the­se titles are includ­ed.  Each film has a trail­er and at least one vin­tage mak­ing-of fea­turet­te.  Don’t con­fuse those fea­turettes for elec­tron­ic press kit-style throw­aways: each is vital view­ing for the Brass fan because you get plen­ty of qual­i­ty on-set footage, both clothed and unclothed, plus the mae­stro talk­ing at length about each film and his the­o­ries on sex, rela­tion­ships and mak­ing erot­i­ca.

Unique to this set are two extras.  The first is a bonus DVD fea­tur­ing a 90 min­ute inter­view with Brass, filmed and edit­ed by Cult Epics’ head hon­cho, Nico B.  The direc­tor talks about his career from his ear­ly days as an assis­tant direc­tor to Roberto Rossellini all the way to Black Angel.  Plenty of clips are includ­ed to provide visu­al vari­a­tion, includ­ing some fas­ci­nat­ing looks at his exper­i­men­tal ear­ly work.

BlackAng-posHe doesn’t talk much about Salon Kitty or Caligula, which might dis­ap­point some fans, but you get plen­ty of inter­est­ing thoughts on every­thing from The Key on down.  The direc­tor gets deep into his phi­los­o­phy of sex plus some inter­est­ing detours here and there (a high­light arrives when he express­es his thoughts on his con­flict­ed rela­tion­ship with the fem­i­nist move­ment).  It’s a must-watch for any­one with a seri­ous inter­est in the Brass fil­mog­ra­phy.

The oth­er new extra is a full-col­or, 39-page book­let that Nico B. put togeth­er for this set.  It includes a print inter­view with Brass that draws from the same source as the bonus DVD: this is a good as the maestro’s thick­ly-accent­ed English can be a lit­tle tough to fol­low at times and this print ver­sion pro­vides a nice back­up resource for those moments.  The book­let also includes a com­pre­hen­sive fil­mog­ra­phy with com­ments on each film from Nico B.  All in all, this book­let shapes up nice­ly as a pock­et resource for the director’s fans.

Overall, Cult Epics’ Tinto Brass: Maestro Of Erotic Cinema is a treat for the director’s fans and a nice way for any curi­ous erot­i­ca fans to delve into the director’s lat­ter-day work.  It’s good enough to make one hope that Cult Epics will give a sim­i­lar high-def box set treat­ment to the ear­lier Brass films in their cat­a­log.