It’s been three years since the U.K. dee­jay col­lec­tive Horse Meat Disco last released one of their mix­es for dis­co fans.  Strut Records just end­ed the wait by issu­ing a new two-disc set from the group enti­tled Horse Meat Disco Vol. IV.  The results reflect the group’s trade­mark mix­ture of house, boo­gie and sleaze dis­co sounds and does so in style.

The first disc is a cus­tom mix ses­sion with Horse Meat Disco and it’s the work of a D.J. group that knows its cho­sen sounds well.  They accen­tu­ate a joy­ful, effer­ves­cent style of dance music, deft­ly shift­ing from bass-dri­ven elec­tro grooves like Opal’s “Ain’t No Way” to sleek, min­i­mal­ist house fare like L’Amour’s “Let’s Make Love Tonight” to orches­trat­ed HMDiscoIV-covcamp delights like Camouflage’s “Bee Sting.”  The mix­ing is straight­for­ward but deft, focus­ing on a smooth blend­ing of beats, and the sequenc­ing shows some cheeky humor, like when it fol­lows a song enti­tled “Stop” with anoth­er enti­tled “Don’t Stop.”

The sec­ond disc offers twelve unmixed tracks drawn from the six­teen on the mix disc.  Everything here stands up on its own, allow­ing the lis­ten­er to con­cen­trate on the dif­fer­ent dis­co fla­vors the first disc effec­tive­ly blurs togeth­er.  Highlights include Shahid Mustaf MC’s “Getting To Know HMDiscoIV-01You,” a deft update of a vin­tage Parliament album cut that fus­es house beats to 70’s dis­co band arrang­ing, and Ish’s “Don’t Stop,” a solo ven­ture from the Foxy front­man that offers a mes­mer­iz­ing 9-min­ute trip into pure sleaze dis­co.

Also wor­thy of note is “Candidate For Love,” cred­it­ed to Joey Negro Vs. Horse Meat Disco.  It’s a styl­ish slab of dis­co-style house that can­ni­ly fus­es old-fash­ioned, per­cus­sive strings and horns with some Moroder-esque dub synths and some grand, gal­lop­ing drum breaks.  In the tra­di­tion estab­lished by Horse Meat Disco, it deft­ly blends the old and new in dance music into some­thing that feels fresh and clas­sic all at once.

In short, Horse Meat Disco Vol. IV is anoth­er wor­thy set from this crew.  If you’re already famil­iar with this series, you need not hes­i­tate in pick­ing it up.  If you’re new to this col­lec­tive, this is a fun way to expe­ri­ence their taste in dis­co.