Infected By The ZOMBIE RABBIT Award

So it looks like TheDivemistress, blogger and friend of Schlockmania, gave Your Humble Reviewer his first blogging award, a little something called “The Zombie Rabbit Award,” at her blog Zombots.  Said award was born at the iZombie blog (read more here) and The Divemistress’s award post can be found here.

These things work on a “pay it forward” basis so this site will keep its online karma intact by passing on the infection/award to ten blogs that deserve such a honor.  Here’s the list of ten in no particular order, along with the reasons that inspired the Zombie Rabbit-bite:

1 – The Temple Of Schlock: T.O.S. co-founder Chris Poggiali is a personal friend, an incredibly knowledgeable source of cinematic lore and a gifted writer, to boot.  His posts are a pleasure to read, particularly the “Endangered” series about obscure films, and he always choose great images to accompany each post.  He’s also generous enough to allow guest bloggers to contribute (including Your Humble Reviewer).

2 – The Horn Section: Hal Horn first appeared on the Schlockmania radar when Your Humble Reviewer participated in a blog round-table with him at Temple Of Schlock.  A visit to his blog unearthed several witty and well-informed posts on different films, including a nifty “Why the hell isn’t this on DVD?” series.

3 – Made Out Of Mouth: professor and documentarian Ryan Sarnowski is an old film school pal of Your Humble Reviewer’s.  His blog functions as a sort of online viewing log where he jots notes about whatever film made enough of an impression to merit an entry.  It covers everything from arthouse fare to schlock and the writing, like its author, is savvy, incisive in its thinking and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

4 – The Projector Has Been Drinking: blogger Marc Edward Heuck is an L.A.-based veteran of theatrical exhibition and a film scholar who has spent many years putting on midnight shows and programming retrospectives.  His blog reflects the all-consuming cinephilia his work entails and offers up some very distinctive takes on film of all kinds (including a take-down of the over-hyped “cult” sensation The Room that Your Humble Reviewer adored).

5 – Video Junkie: this blogspot reincarnation of a classic ‘zine is new but extremely prolific, with writers Tom Simmons and William Wilson cranking out detailed reviews of schlock new and old by the fistful.  Be sure to check out their fantastic 3-D flick marathon and their ongoing Tobe Hooper series, not to mention the great ads that Wilson scans from old issues of Boxoffice Magazine.

6 – Phantom Of Pulp: this is the blog of Australia-born filmmaker Mark Savage and it offers a bracingly intelligent and fearless look at so-called low culture.  Don’t read this blog in a work environment as he covers a lot of transgressive material, including everything from vintage porno to trashy horror paperbacks, but it’s well worth a visit because his singular take on all things exploitation is smart and often thought-provoking.  He’s also got some great autobiographical posts about his years as a schlock-and-horror-loving youth.

7 – Johnny LaRue’s Crane Shot: net savvy cult movie fans might know the name Marty McKee because he’s the main mod at Mobius Home Video Forum but he also blogs prolifically at this site.  It covers everything from current movies to schlock t.v. to old-school “men’s adventure” paperbacks.  Plus, you gotta love a place whose title is an in-joke reference to the late, great SCTV.

8 – Department H: Chad Collier is another film school chum of Your Humble Reviewer’s and his blogging specialty is comics.  He divides writing duties on Department H with his similarly comics-obsessed wife Janice and they can be counted on to deliver comic book reviews at a steady pace, both in full-length and capsule forms. There are also interviews, essays and all manner of other cool stuff for comics fans.

9 – Weimar World Service: John Zipperer’s blog will immediately endear itself to schlock fans via its “Starlog Project,” a comprehensive series of well-informed essays on Starlog magazine.  It starts with the first issue and is steadily closing in on the 200-mark.  However, there’s much more to WWS – John writes on everything from general entertainment topics to current events and does so with skill.

10 – The Glamorous Life Of A Showbiz Winner: this is the personal blog of G. Charles Wright, casting director extraordinaire and writer of a very witty blog about life on Hollywood.  His takes on the frothier side of entertainment and tabloid culture are delivered with a wit sharp enough to draw blood.  He’ll make you laugh and you’ll also end up insanely jealous of his collection of schlocky t-shirts.

Addendum: And please don’t forget to visit Zombots because TheDivemistress has a droll, enthusiastic take on horror (and other occasional geek-friendly topics) that is well worth your time.

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  1. Don —

    Many thanks! Looking forward to sharing the wealth. 🙂 The “Georgia, Georgia” roundtable was very interesting and a lot of fun, and introduced me to your site as well. Thanks again!

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