As Your Humble Reviewer has dis­cussed before, his days of Fangoria fan­dom were a brief but mem­o­rable time that began in 1987 and end­ed some­time in 1991 (an issue with Body Parts on the cov­er was the last one he bought from the news­stands).  The rea­sons for this part­ing of the ways were twofold: he’d lost inter­est in where hor­ror cin­e­ma was going and this cor­re­spond­ed with a broad­en­ing of inter­est in oth­er areas of cult movie fan­dom: Hong Kong cin­e­ma, blax­ploita­tion,  etc.  The old issues stayed in the col­lec­tion but no new ones were added.

However, this state of affairs was upend­ed recent­ly when Your Humble Reviewer came into pos­ses­sion of a trio of issues from the recent, Chris Alexander-edit­ed incar­na­tion of the mag­a­zine.  Since the mag­a­zine was begin­ning a new chap­ter, it seemed appro­pri­ate to give it a you-are-there appraisal that could act as a sort of post­script to the sto­ry unfold­ing in the Fango Files.

Thus, Schlockmania now invites you to check out a new three-part post series called Nuevo Fango.  It will approach the­se recent issues from an old fan’s point of view, offer­ing com­men­tary and obser­va­tions on its approach to the cur­rent sta­tus of the hor­ror gen­re.  If you have enjoyed the Fango Files, per­haps you will find this to be an inter­est­ing side­bar to that ongo­ing series.  At the very least, it will offer a glimpse into the cur­rent state of the mag­a­zine for those who have not yet checked out its new for­mat.

Happy read­ing and, as the great Ghoulardi once said, stay sick.