Welcome to the revival of a vintage Schlockmania post series. Quick Schlock was originally dreamt up in 2016 as a way of doing quick reviews for blu-ray releases. It’s being revived to allow Schlockmania to cover more film review territory using its ever-growing archive of Letterboxd capsule reviews. Quick Schlock 2.0 will draw on that archive, presenting four to six review links in one shot oriented around a theme, genre or filmmaker. It’ll be a handy way for the site to present retrospectives about a particular franchise or coverage of multi-film box sets.

And that brings us today’s topic, the Vengeance Trails box set from Arrow Films. Said box contains a quartet of vintage spaghetti westerns, moving past Leone films and Django to look at deep cuts beloved to the genre’s devoted fans. This foursome contains an early film from Lucio Fulci, one of Antonio Margheriti’s best entries in the genre, a fun programmer from journeyman Maurizio Lucidi and an overlooked gem from cinematographer turned director Massimo Dallamano.

MY NAME IS PECOS: “…possessed of the kind of grim, downbeat atmosphere that makes such genre programmers stick to the ribs.” https://boxd.it/2kURB3

BANDIDOS: “…a genre deconstruction that is way ahead of the curve, offering a sobering meditation on the futility of revenge…” https://boxd.it/2kURFp

MASSACRE TIME: “…the setpieces have a baroque visual stylization to them, the violence is portrayed in an enthusiastically brutal manner…” https://boxd.it/2l5IWN

AND GOD SAID TO CAIN: “An ideal crossover of the Italian spaghetti western and gothic horror traditions…”  https://boxd.it/2l5Jg9

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