THE RED SHIRT CHRONICLES: Introduction – The Story Behind The Extras

This is the story of an profile that began as a simple interview and ended up as a blog miniseries.

Back in 2006, Your Humble Reviewer was writing reviews for AVManiacs (at the time, it was known as DVDManiacs).  He got the opportunity to do an interview with Michael Felsher, a talented young man who had recently begun to make a name for himself as a producer of featurettes for special edition DVD’s.  Questions were submitted to Mr. Felsher and he responded with in-depth, informative answers.  Unfortunately, the interview was delayed, then delayed again and ultimately lost in the shuffle.

At the beginning of 2010, Your Humble Reviewer was writing new material for Schlockmania and trying to think of other features that could enhance his blog.  He stumbled across his old interview with Mr. Felsher and approached him about doing an updated version.  Mr. Felsher graciously went back and did a thorough overhaul of his answers, revising and expanding them to reflect the progress of his career since 2006.  The end result is more than an interview – it’s a veritable career retrospective.

This mega-interview will be presented to you in installment form as The Red Shirt Chronicles.  It takes its name from Felsher’s DVD-supplement production company Red Shirt Pictures and will cover a broad range of topics: the history of his career, anecdotes about specific projects, the techniques he uses in his work and even his friendship with George Romero.  Mr. Felsher delivers his answers in a witty, self-deprecating style that makes it all great fun to read.

Get ready for the story behind the extras…

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