Slapstick, Soul Music & Video Emporiums: A Guide To Schlockmania’s Contributions At Temple Of Schlock

Your Humble Reviewer didn’t become a schlockmeister over night.  He spent the better part of a decade honing his craft as a reviewer at a variety of sites before starting this blog.  It all began with a gig at a site called Yesterdayland (now known as Retroland) and continued with a long stretch as a freelancer for All Movie Guide, which is immortalized in this site’s AMG Dirty Dozen series, plus plenty of reviews for AVManiacs (back when it was called DVDManiacs).

Another place he has contributed to over the years is Temple Of Schlock, an eye-opening blog run by Chris Poggiali.  You can always count on him to deliver a steady stream of smart, well-researched and often witty posts that are frequently bolstered with eye-popping ads from back in the day.

Chris is also kind enough to open up his blog to guest contributors, including Your Humble Reviewer.  The following is a quick, annotated guide  – with clickable links in each item’s title – to his vintage work at Temple Of Schlock, plus a few other items that might be of interest.  If you decide to check any of them out, it is advised that you stick around at the Temple afterwards: this site houses a library or two’s worth of exploitation education resources and you just might learn something.

1) Here My Dear: this a review of a deluxe edition of an album by Marvin Gaye.  It’s one of the great cult albums in the world of soul music, the work of a tormented artist drawing the listener into his dark night of the soul.  Check out this entry and find out more, including a discussion of the impressive remix disc included in the deluxe edition.

2) Round Table Discussion – Georgia, Georgia: this entry finds Your Humble Reviewer contributing alongside the likes of Richard Harland Smith and Hal Horn to a discussion about an unusual 1970’s indie film written by Maya Angelou.

3) I Gotta Be Me: this piece comes from a Jerry Lewis Week post marathon and its an exploration of Hardly Working, Jerry Lewis’s unexpected comeback hit from 1980, and how it harbors a uniquely personal message from its embattled auteur under all the reheated slapstick.

4) A Requiem For My Old Pal, VHS: this is a personalized reflection on how the video tape rental outlets of olden times shaped Your Humble Reviewer’s relationship with films.  It’s probably as close as he’ll get to writing an autobiographical piece.

And here’s a few bonus entries that Your Humble Reviewer didn’t write that have strong Schlockmania connections:

Top 25 Norman Whitfield Productions: both Temple Of Schlock and Schlockmania are united by an admiration for the work of Norman Whitfield, a musical genius whose production skills brought Motown into the era of funk.  This piece is Chris’s comprehensive examination of his favorites, each entry blending interesting trivia with a veteran fan’s keen insights.  Schlockmania’s companion piece can be found here: Top Ten Norman Whitfield Cult Faves.

Starlight Six Drive Invasion: Chris and Your Humble Reviewer attended the title event a few years ago and had a great time watching some classic flicks under the stars, as the good lord intended.  This is Chris’s thoughtfully composed account of the event, which includes plenty of great illustrations and photos (including a few from you-know-who).

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