What is schlock?  The scourge of decent soci­ety?  The anti­dote to mass media bore­dom?  A way of life?  All of the above?  All the­se ques­tions and more are answered in the Schlockmania FAQ…

What is schlock?

That word has many mean­ings but here’s the short ver­sion – schlock is com­mon­ly used to refer to enter­tain­ment that is cheap­ly pro­duced, cre­at­ed for artis­ti­cal­ly shal­low rea­sons and usu­al­ly moti­vat­ed by prof­it.  Of course, that def­i­n­i­tion only works if you’re a bluenose or Michael Medved.

For the pur­pos­es of Schlockmania, we con­sid­er schlock to be any pop cul­ture arti­fact that strays out­side socially/critically accept­able def­i­n­i­tions of art to deliv­er the goods in a unique­ly per­son­al style.  In oth­er words, the stuff you aren’t sup­posed to enjoy but still do.

What’s the pur­pose of this site?

Schlockmania offers a series of reviews and essays that explore schlock in its many per­mu­ta­tions.  It is all dri­ven by the belief that schlock is just as deserv­ing of study and intel­li­gent appre­ci­a­tion as high cul­ture.  You can and should enjoy it with­out hav­ing to feel guilty.  You can even use your brain – the best schlock has a lot going on beneath the sur­face of its cheap thrills.  Schlockmania is here to show you how this can all be done.

What exact­ly does the site cov­er?

It is our hope that this site will provide a com­pre­hen­sive guide to the schlock expe­ri­ence in its many forms.  If it brings the schlock, you’ll find it here:

- Schlock-Optic cov­ers schlock in its movie and tele­vi­su­al for­mats

- Schlock-Wire dish­es up news on upcom­ing schlock in all forms

- Schlock-O-Phonic tack­les the schlock music world

- Schlockuments takes on schlock-relat­ed lit­er­a­ture

- Schlockephemera offers essays on thought pieces that fall out­side the above cat­e­gories

In addi­tion to the­se cat­e­gories, all entries have sev­er­al tags for addi­tion­al cat­e­go­riza­tions.  Use the con­tent-fil­ter­ing sys­tem of your choice and go wherever your mind takes you.

Are you will­ing to sell or trade the items you dis­cuss on the site?

We do not sell, dis­trib­ute or trade any of the books, films and music dis­cussed on the site.  However, we do provide links to Amazon for items that are cur­rent­ly avail­able and sug­gest oth­er ven­dors in the Schlock Links sec­tion on the right of the page.

Where else can I go for schlock infor­ma­tion?

Click on Schlock Link on the top or bot­tom of the screen and you will be redi­rect­ed to a page with a com­pre­hen­sive list of Schlock Destinations (the big sites with schlock info and reviews) as well as sev­er­al Schlock Blogs that offer a more per­son­al take on this mate­ri­al.  Between the two lists, you’ll find plen­ty of worth­while infor­ma­tion to fur­ther your schlock edu­ca­tion.