SCHOOLGIRL REPORT VOL. 10: The Naughty But Naive Joys Of Schlager Smut

One of the most appealing aspects of the Schoolgirl Report series is its reliability.  The sexploitation fan can put one of these films on and rest assured that it will deliver plentiful skin and schtupping, all delivered in a colorful, cheerfully naughty style.  These films also have a unique charm in that they offer a look back at a time that was simultaneously more naughty (in the freewheeling presentation of smut and nudity) and more naively progressive (in the cheerful, clean-scrubbed attitudes towards sex and female empowerment).

Schoolgirl Report Vol. 10, known to some viewers as Sexy Schoolwork or Smartie Pants, is built around a loose framing device in which a teacher discusses the relationship between morality and the law with her students.  In contrast to what you might see in an American sexploitation flick of the same vintage, both students and teacher are presented as intelligent and thoughtful in how they discuss this issue.

However, that doesn’t mean Schoolgirl Report Vol. 10 is some high-minded philosophical treatise.  In between the brief classroom discussions, the viewer is treated to a variety of anecdotes and flashbacks that offer the film’s required skin and sex.  The vignettes include the tale of a teacher accused of seduction by a student he was tutoring, a girl who schemes to get rid of her stepmom by having a male classmate seduce her and a girl whose May-December romance with a businessman is endangered by a dangerous relative.

These films often included at least one purely slapstick comedy segment and the one in Schoolgirl Report Vol. 10 is a real lulu: a sexually frustrated lass and her boyfriend try to outwit her domineering parents by concocting a scenario inspired by The Exorcist: she fakes being demonically possessed and he dresses up like a Rasputin-style monk to “exorcise” her in the privacy of her bedroom.  The results are endearingly goofball, with starlet Alexandra Bogojevic hamming it up and unleashing a variety of bizarre noises and facial expressions in her sendup of Linda Blair’s Exorcist antics.

The resulting film is undeniably pure sexploitation: the female lead in each vignette spends a lot of time naked and/or having sex and the segment concepts themselves have an amusingly sleazy “letters to Penthouse” vibe.  However, they are also oddly progressive in their own sexploitative way, presenting a series of young women whose sense of liberation is presented as progressive and healthy.  That quality alone makes the film more enjoyable than the norm, giving it an unexpectedly sunny quality.  The presence of the groovy period fashions and hairstyles, not to mention the swinging rock/disco/lounge score, just enhances the fun.

Simply put, Schoolgirl Report Vol. 10 is worth a look to fans of ’70s sexploitation fare because it delivers its smut with a smile and a wink.

DVD Notes: Impulse has released this film as part of its ongoing Schoolgirl Report series and the results look far better than the old VHS versions of this series.  There are some minor bits of element damage but the overall image is sharp and preserves the film’s vintage shot-on-celluloid look – and the English subtitles capture every kitschy nuance of the German mono soundtrack.

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