One of the most appeal­ing aspects of the Schoolgirl Report series is its reli­a­bil­i­ty.  The sex­ploita­tion fan can put one of the­se films on and rest assured that it will deliv­er plen­ti­ful skin and schtup­ping, all deliv­ered in a col­or­ful, cheer­ful­ly naughty style.  These films also have a unique charm in that they offer a look back at a time that was simul­ta­ne­ous­ly more naughty (in the free­wheel­ing pre­sen­ta­tion of smut and nudi­ty) and more naive­ly pro­gres­sive (in the cheer­ful, clean-scrubbed atti­tudes towards sex and female empow­er­ment).

Schoolgirl Report Vol. 10, known to some view­ers as Sexy Schoolwork or Smartie Pants, is built around a loose fram­ing device in which a teacher dis­cuss­es the rela­tion­ship between moral­i­ty and the law with her stu­dents.  In con­trast to what you might see in an American sex­ploita­tion flick of the same vin­tage, both stu­dents and teacher are pre­sent­ed as intel­li­gent and thought­ful in how they dis­cuss this issue.

However, that doesn’t mean Schoolgirl Report Vol. 10 is some high-mind­ed philo­soph­i­cal trea­tise.  In between the brief class­room dis­cus­sions, the view­er is treat­ed to a vari­ety of anec­dotes and flash­backs that offer the film’s required skin and sex.  The vignettes include the tale of a teacher accused of seduc­tion by a stu­dent he was tutor­ing, a girl who schemes to get rid of her step­mom by hav­ing a male class­mate seduce her and a girl whose May-December romance with a busi­ness­man is endan­gered by a dan­ger­ous rel­a­tive.

These films often includ­ed at least one pure­ly slap­stick com­e­dy seg­ment and the one in Schoolgirl Report Vol. 10 is a real lulu: a sex­u­al­ly frus­trat­ed lass and her boyfriend try to out­wit her dom­i­neer­ing par­ents by con­coct­ing a sce­nar­io inspired by The Exorcist: she fakes being demon­i­cal­ly pos­sessed and he dress­es up like a Rasputin-style monk to “exor­cise” her in the pri­va­cy of her bed­room.  The results are endear­ing­ly goof­ball, with star­let Alexandra Bogojevic ham­ming it up and unleash­ing a vari­ety of bizarre nois­es and facial expres­sions in her sendup of Linda Blair’s Exorcist antics.

The result­ing film is unde­ni­ably pure sex­ploita­tion: the female lead in each vignette spends a lot of time naked and/or hav­ing sex and the seg­ment con­cepts them­selves have an amus­ing­ly sleazy “let­ters to Penthouse” vibe.  However, they are also odd­ly pro­gres­sive in their own sex­ploita­tive way, pre­sent­ing a series of young wom­en whose sense of lib­er­a­tion is pre­sent­ed as pro­gres­sive and healthy.  That qual­i­ty alone makes the film more enjoy­able than the norm, giv­ing it an unex­pect­ed­ly sun­ny qual­i­ty.  The pres­ence of the groovy peri­od fash­ions and hair­styles, not to men­tion the swing­ing rock/disco/lounge score, just enhances the fun.

Simply put, Schoolgirl Report Vol. 10 is worth a look to fans of ‘70s sex­ploita­tion fare because it deliv­ers its smut with a smile and a wink.

DVD Notes: Impulse has released this film as part of its ongo­ing Schoolgirl Report series and the results look far bet­ter than the old VHS ver­sions of this series.  There are some minor bits of ele­ment dam­age but the over­all image is sharp and pre­serves the film’s vin­tage shot-on-cel­lu­loid look — and the English sub­ti­tles cap­ture every kitschy nuance of the German mono sound­track.