SCHOOLGIRL REPORT VOL. 11: The Schlager Smut Keeps On Rolling

The Schoolgirl Report series is one of the all-time titans of ’70s softcore: this faux-documentary sexploitation series inspired a vast array of imitations in its native Germany and they were imported all over the world.  The strength of this series was that it was built on a formula that offered familiarity but allowed enough experimentation to keep things fresh.  Schoolgirl Report Vol. 11 arrived in 1977 and it shows that even at such a late date in the series, its formula had an impressive durability.

As is often the case with films in this series, Schoolgirl Report Vol. 11 has an intro that offers a veneer of social consciousness as a group of concerned adults discuss whether or not the laws designed to protects teenagers are too restrictive, too loose or just plain ineffective.  This leads to a series of vignettes as the various people illustrate their points.

Some of the tales are harrowing: the opening tale shows a girl driven to tragic extremes after trading her virginity for class help to a campus lothario and another where a class loner is preyed upon by scheming bikers who operate an extortion/prostitution ring(!).  The darker tales are balanced by a little comedy in the form a story where a quartet of virgins have a slapstick “first time” that involves falling paintcans and a collapsing loft plus a romantic vignette where another virginal pair fakes their first time for the benefit of their nosy friends, only to wind up really falling in love (and into bed).

The results are total formula but it’s a formula that works.  Veteran series director Ernst Hofbrauer gives the film a snappy pace and keeps the bare flesh and sex flowing freely throughout the running time.  He also manages the occasional stylistic flourish, the most memorable being a shot where a seductive beau’s undressing is seen as a reflection on the eye of the girl he is seducing.  The film’s parade of buxom nymphets is easy on the eye and there’s a retro-fun factor in the fashions and particularly the musical score.

Simply put, Schoolgirl Report Vol. 11 is a solid entry in a reliable sexploitation series.  If vintage softcore is your thing, this one covers all the bases – sex comedy, roughie, romance, etc. – in a single convenient 80-minute package.

DVD Notes: This title has just been released by Impulse Pictures as part of their ongoing Schoolgirl Report series.  The anamorphic transfer is crisp and colorful while retaining the film’s vintage celluloid look. The German mono audio sounds fine and is accompanied by English subtitles.

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