The Schoolgirl Report sex­ploita­tion series offers a strange fas­ci­na­tion that goes beyond the expect­ed nudi­ty and bump-and-grind antics.  Its source lies in the any­thing-goes nature of their vignette-dri­ven sto­ry­li­nes: one sto­ry might offer goof­ball com­e­dy along the lines of a smut­ty Benny Hill gag while the next might offer bleak, mor­bid­ly hope­less melo­dra­ma that hits like a splash of cold water to the face.  This ver­tigo-induc­ing tug of war between silli­ness and exis­ten­tial despair makes the Schoolgirl Report series unique in the world of ‘70s sex­ploita­tion.

SchRep12-01Schoolgirl Report Vol. 12 arrives late in this long-run­ning series but its schizoid blend of com­e­dy and tragedy is as strong as any oth­er entry. The direc­tion from series reg­u­lar Walter Boos is brisk and col­or­ful and the usu­al Gert Wilden lounge sound­track cues are sup­ple­ment­ed by some funky, syn­th-tinged cues that reflect its late-‘70s vin­tage.  The fram­ing device is sim­ple this time, depict­ing a stu­dent-run news­pa­per read­ing let­ters to each oth­er as they pre­pare the let­ters column for the next edi­tion.  This sets up a series of five vignettes that illus­trate sto­ries from the lives of five female read­ers — and in true Schoolgirl Report potluck style, you nev­er know what’s going to hap­pen next.

On the comedic side of the film, there are sto­ries about a lucky plumber who gets to play doc­tor with a nubile lass when he is mis­tak­en for a physi­cian and a girl deter­mined to seduce the ath­let­ics-obsessed exchange stu­dent stay­ing with her par­ents.  The fun­ni­est of the bunch is a charm­ing­ly juve­nile sto­ry where teen cou­ples stum­ble over each oth­er (lit­er­al­ly) while sneak­ing off from a class trip to enjoy some for­bid­den sex.  It’s thor­ough­ly sil­ly in the most slap­stick way pos­si­ble but packs in the nudi­ty and sex with aban­don.

SchRep12-dvdHowever, it’s the tragedy-fueled seg­ments in Schoolgirl Report Vol. 12 that will stick in the sex­ploita­tion fan’s mind.  The first involves a girl whose sex­u­al fix­a­tion on her old­er broth­er dri­ves her to des­per­ate actions.  It boasts a pret­ty amaz­ing sequence where she fan­ta­sizes about see­ing her brother’s bitchy ex hav­ing sex and an E.C. Comics-wor­thy twist end­ing.  The oth­er trag­ic tale is a student’s first-per­son account of her descent into drugs and pros­ti­tu­tion.  It plays like a sex­ploita­tion ver­sion of Christiane F, packed with fam­i­ly tragedy and joy­less yet fre­net­ic sex, and the nar­ra­tion offers a part­ing shot that is gen­uine­ly chill­ing.

In short, Schoolgirl Report Vol. 12 deliv­ers all the sex and quirky tonal shifts that  sex­ploita­tion fans would expect from this series.  If you’re into the unusu­al blend of moods inher­ent to the­se films, you won’t be dis­ap­point­ed.

DVD Notes: this film has received a new DVD release from Impulse Pictures as part of its ongo­ing Schoolgirl Report series.  It is pre­sent­ed in anamor­phic for­mat and fea­tures its orig­i­nal German lan­guage mix (with new English sub­ti­tles).  There’s a lit­tle ele­ment dam­age around reel changes but the over­all image is crisp and col­or­ful.