Fangoria has been on a roll late­ly with their DVD news cov­er­age, dish­ing up a trio of news items in the last cou­ple of days that focus on the reis­sue of vin­tage British hor­ror flicks on DVD.  The fol­low­ing is a quick guide to the­se sto­ries, along with links and a few stray com­ments from Your Humble Reviewer…

First up, Dark Sky Films is unleash­ing a reis­sue of Horror Hospital, an enjoy­ably odd­ball flick about strange, grue­some goings-on at a seclud­ed hos­pi­tal.  It boasts a few unfor­get­table images (look out for the hospital’s car!) and a typ­i­cal­ly won­der­ful per­for­mance from U.K. char­ac­ter actor Michael Gough.  This disc will be released in the sum­mer.  Click here for tech specs and sup­ple­ment info:

Horror Hospital DVD details at Fangoria

Severin will throw their hat in the ring this fall with reis­sues of two vin­tage faves, The House That Dripped Blood and Horror Express.  The for­mer is an Amicus hor­ror anthol­o­gy penned by gen­re great Robert Bloch and the lat­ter is a Spanish/U.K. co-pro­duc­tion with Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas about an unearth­ly mon­ster ter­ror­iz­ing a Trans-Siberian train.  Both will receive new hi-def trans­fers and will also be issued on Blu-Ray.  Click here for the ear­ly news:

House That Dripped Blood & Horror Express DVD news at Fangoria

Finally, the biggest news comes from Synapse Films: they have obtained the rights to a trio of Hammer clas­sics that have nev­er been on DVD in the U.S. before.  The titles are Hands Of The Ripper, Twins Of Evil and Vampire Circus.  If that’s not enough news for you, they’re also doing a box set of the 13-episode t.v. series Hammer House Of Horror.  A fall release is being con­sid­ered for all four titles and you can read more details via this link:

Tons O’ Hammer DVD’s com­ing from Synapse — news from Fangoria

All in all, this is a very nice batch of titles.  Those of us who have been sad­dened by the lack of vin­tage title reis­sues in recent years now have a bevy of rea­sons to be cheer­ful.  Redder pas­tures lie across the Atlantic and Dark Sky, Severin and Synapse will be bring­ing it all home.