By the ear­ly 70s, bik­er movies and erotic cin­e­ma were two of the most pop­u­lar gen­res around, so it was only a mat­ter of time the two would meet.  When they did, the results were the one-of-a-kind grind­house great BAD, BAD, GANG! star­ring erot­i­ca leg­end Rene Bond in one of her hottest and tough­est films, com­ing to DVD on June 14, 2016 from Impulse Pictures!


The classic early 70s Biker roughie


starring the legendary Rene Bond

finally comes to DVD this June

from Impulse Pictures!


A crown jew­el… for the indi­vid­u­al who tru­ly claims to be a fan of grind­house – this film is high­ly rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the term.” – The Grindhouse Database


BadBadG-dvdTwo cou­ples (Eve, Jane, Kane and Able!!!) head out in their trail­er to the Garden of Eden camp­site for a week­end of fun, sun, and sex. Unfortunately for them, the vio­lent bik­er gang “The Cobras” is near­by and imme­di­ate­ly makes trou­ble for our unfor­tu­nate campers who’d much rather be swim­ming, fish­ing, or play­ing top­less soli­taire. When Eve is assault­ed and kid­napped after skin­ny-dip­ping in Lake Shangri-La, the oth­ers try to find her only to get cap­tured them­selves! What fol­lows is trade­mark 70s sleaze!  In an iso­lat­ed cave equipped with an air mat­tress, the girls are drugged and vio­lat­ed, the men are tied up, and it all ends in a vio­lent, bloody con­fronta­tion with tom­a­hawk wield­ing bik­er chicks.


A clas­sic “grind­house” roughie from the ear­ly 1970s, this ver­sion of BAD, BAD, GANG! is pre­sent­ed here in one of the most com­plete ver­sions ever avail­able on home video, con­tain­ing addi­tion­al sex sce­nes removed from gen­er­al release prints.


Bonus Features:

Sneak Peek at Impulse Pictures’ 42nd Street Peep Show Collection Series



Street date: 6/14/2016

SRP: $24.95 * UPC: 654930108093 * Cat: IMP0080 *

Region 0

62 min­utes

Color * Not Rated * Full Screen 1.33:1 * Dolby Digital Mono in English