Schlock-Wire: The Makers Of BLOOD JUNKIE Seek Investors For Their New Film, BILLY CLUB

Blood Junkie is one of the best films to emerge from the indie horror scene in the last few years.  Thus, it’s a pleasure for Schlockmania to report that the talented people behind this flick are gearing up to make another film, Billy Club.  They’ve put out the call for financing help and you can read the basic details below.  There are also links to the film’s official website, Facebook page and the Kickstarter site.  You can donate for as little as the price of a movie ticket and help some worthy filmmakers in the process.  Read on for all the guerilla horror-meister details…

From The BILLY CLUB Website:

Independent filmmaking these days is a scary thing! So we are looking to YOU to help support our next film and keep creative people making bigger and better projects!

About the film:

Billy Club is an independently produced horror film from directors Nick Sommer and Drew Rosas. This is a psychological thriller following in the footsteps of Halloween, Friday the 13th and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In 2010, Rosas and Sommer created the instant cult classic Blood Junkie, pick up for distribution with Troma Entertainment. This summer they are teaming up again to produce their new film Billy Club, a haunting new vison in the realm of independent horror cinema.

Plot Overview:

Bobby Spooner returns to his childhood home town of Two Rivers Wisconsin after fifteen years away and bumps into some of his old friends from little league baseball. Recruiting them for a weekend party at his family’s cabin up North, Bobby hits the road with Kyle, Danny, Allison and a truck full of beer. Before they can reach the cabin, a small town Sheriff with questionable ethics take Bobby into jail for drinking and driving leaving the three friends alone for the first night at the cabin. Little do they know that a deranged killer is lurking in the woods nearby.


Glad you asked. To some of you $15,000 may seem like a lot of money for a movie, and to us it is. However this doesn’t even begin to touch what an “actual” indie style movie costs. We made Blood Junkie for $7000 and we are super proud and excited the way that turned out. This new script is a little more complex and we want to push the realism, effects and scare factor even further. That is why we are asking for $15,000.


$3,000 – Props, wardrobe, and set design.

$2,000 – Camera Package rental

$2,000 – Other equipment – Lights etc.

$4,000 – Craft Services or food and water for the cast and crew over 20 days

$1,500 – Gas/several vehicles need to travel several miles and as we all know it’s expensive.

$1,500 – %5 of our money raised goes to Kick Starter and another %5 goes to Amazon’s processing fees. That’s %10 of our budget we have to plan on losing.

$1,000 – Last but not least your Gifts for your Donations. Those all cost money as well so that is another cost we have to figure in.


Thanks to anyone who has helped already with the fundraiser shoot and prep for the film and a “Special Thanks” in advance to anyone thinking about donating. We really do need your help. If we don’t reach our goal of $15,000 we get no money at all, so even passing the word on to all of your friends and family would be greatly appreciated.

Official BILLY CLUB Website:

BILLY CLUB Kickstarter Page:

BILLY CLUB Facebook Page:

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