Schlock-Wire: Nico Fidenco’s BLACK EMANUELLE Soundtrack Gets A Limited (And Expanded) Reissue!

Big news from Beat Records in Italy: They’ve begun a series of expanded CD reissues of Nico Fidenco’s soundtracks for the infamous Black Emanuelle films.  These films were mainstays of late-night cable programming during the 1980’s and Fidenco’s eclectic jazz/lounge/disco soundtracks were an important secondary part of their charm.  This jumbo reissue of the first film’s soundtrack more than doubles the tracklisting and is limited to only 1000 copies so don’t wait around for it.  Read on for a description and more info on Beat’s plans for the remainder of the Emanuelle soundtrack series…

BLACK EMANUELLE Expanded Soundtrack CD/Composed by Nico Fidenco

We are proud to announce the first CD of a very special collection. Black Emanuelle is the first CD in a series that will complete a very special collection of 6 original soundtracks from the Black Emanuelle series, all composed by Nico Fidenco.  The seventh release will feature a documentary on the genre, bonus material and a hard paper box that will keep all of your 7 digipack CDs together.

Black Emanuelle is a nice score by Maestro Nico Fidenco, one of the most important composers of Italian pop and a successful soundtrack composer, as well. This score has a 70’s flavor and was composed and orchestrated by Fidenco using orchestra and voice (Edda Dell’Orso). It has a rhythm that is sometimes afro, other times more energic and funky.  You won’t want to miss out on this reissue if you are a fan of that period, if you like good music and, of course, if are still in love with the alluring stories that see the super-cult actress Laura Gemser as a beautiful reporter!
The CD comes in a limited edition Digipak, numbered from 0001 to 1000 (the number is inside the box, in the second page). Original artwork, film stills complete the products along with a 24×36 cm poster that features liner notes written by the music critic Fabio Babini.

Track List
1. Emanuelle’s theme (02:41)
2. Of your body (03:22)
3. Emanuelle’s theme (01:51)
4. Samba safari (03:17)
5. Sudden ride (00:42)
6. Black rhythum (02:17)
7. Wild cry (01:31)
8. Emanuelle’s theme (01:03)
9. Sudden ride (01:43)
10. Thoughtless (02:36)
11. Unavoidable (02:24)
12. Emanuelle’s theme (01:53)
13. Hawaiian sand (02:39)
14. Emanuelle’s theme (01:22)
15. Samba safari (02:59)
16. Skin in the wind (02:01)
17. Flute and skin (00:55)
18. Rhythum again (01:49)
19. Emanuelle’s dream (02:47)
20. Un amore impossibile (02:36)
21. Emanuelle’s theme (02:40)
22. Wild strength (03:22)
23. Wild strength (00:44)
24. Emanuelle’s theme (01:06)
25. The rhythm goes on (01:27)
26. Emanuelle’s theme (01:32)
27. Skin to skin (02:48)
28. Emanuelle’s theme (02:42)
29. Skin in the wind (03:37)
30. Black rhythm (02:18)
31. Wild cry (01:29)
32. Wild strength (02:52)
33. Thoughtless (02:23)
34. Skin to skin (01:52)

Total Duration: 01:13:20

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