Horror schol­ars should keep a look­out for the lat­est release from Headpress Books: it’s enti­tled Bleeding Skull: A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey and offers an in-depth look at the odd­i­ties unleashed on unsus­pect­ing hor­ror buffs dur­ing the genre’s VHS era.  It was penned by Joseph Ziemba and Dan Budnik, who also ran the pop­u­lar review web­site of the same name, and the book col­lects 300 detailed reviews of the most mind-bend­ing hor­ror flicks to emerge from the Reagan era.  Read for all the trash-on-tape details, includ­ing a free sam­ple and infor­ma­tion on an exclu­sive hard­back ver­sion avail­able only through the Headpress web­site…


A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey

by Joseph A. Ziemba & Dan Budnik

BLEEDING SKULL! A 1980s Trash-Horror Odyssey is the defin­i­tive resource on 1980s trash-hor­ror cin­e­ma.

BLEEDING SKULL! fea­tures 300 in-depth reviews of movies that have escaped the radar of peo­ple with taste and the tol­er­ance of crit­ics. Black Devil Doll From Hell, A Night To Dismember, Heavy Metal Massacre, The Last Slumber Party — this book gets deep into gut­ter-lev­el, no-bud­get hor­ror, from shot-on-video (SOV) rev­e­la­tions (Doctor Bloodbath) to for­got­ten the­atri­cal casu­alties (Frozen Scream). Clown midget slash­ers! The  Indonesian Jason! A preg­nant wom­an in a bikini who eats fried chick­en before get­ting her fetus ripped out by a psy­chopath! It’s all here. And it’s all curat­ed by the enthu­si­as­tic minds behind Bleedingskull.com, the world’s fore­most author­i­ty on trash-hor­ror obscu­ri­ties.

Jam-packed with rare pho­tographs, adver­tise­ments, and VHS sleeves (most of which have nev­er been seen), BLEEDING SKULL! is an edi­fy­ing, laugh-out-loud guide through the dusty inven­to­ry of the great­est video store that nev­er exist­ed.

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