A bit of news for fans of old-school film zines:  this spring will see the release of Impossibly Funky, a col­lec­tion of mate­ri­al from Cashiers Du Cinemart.  This zine is the cre­ation of Mike White, the irrev­er­ent soul behind the infa­mous Tarantino-cri­tiquing You’re Not Fooling Anyone short film, and it has offered smart, inci­sive cult-flick crit­i­cism and excel­lent his­tor­i­cal pieces for fif­teen years.  This new book col­lects the best arti­cles from its his­to­ry, with all get­ting a new pol­ish and in some cas­es an expan­sion upon their orig­i­nal ver­sions.  The fol­low­ing is an ear­ly look at its con­tents, which appear to be quite the trea­sure tro­ve.  You can also get an auto­graphed ver­sion of the book if you pre-buy and thus assist its adver­tis­ing bud­get.  Read on for all the clas­sic-zine details…

Impossibly Funky

A Cashiers du Cinemart Collection

This book col­lects the “best” arti­cles from the fif­teen year his­to­ry of Cashiers du Cinemart mag­a­zine with sec­tions ded­i­cat­ed to Quentin Tarantino, Star Wars, Black Shampoo, Unproduced screen­plays, celebri­ty inter­views, and much more. Everything has been refreshed, pol­ished, and improved for this vol­ume of movie may­hem.

Here’s a rough swipe at the table of con­tents. Still pend­ing. I made some notes about some of the changes includ­ed, though every piece has been proofed and edit­ed for clar­i­ty and re-fact-checked. My proof­read­er, Lori Hubbard Higgins, did an amaz­ing job comb­ing through my abhor­rent prose.

Introduction — By Herschell Gordon Lewis

Foreword — By Chris Gore


* A Dynamite Double Feature — CdC favorite Rich Osmond looks at some explo­sive ‘70s cin­e­ma

* Psycho Vixens — Rich Osmond exam­i­nes two flicks about girls gone wild.

* Tragically Obscure: John Paizs’s (The Big) Crime Wave — Combination of two arti­cles about Paizs by Skizz Cyzyk from CdC 9 & 10

* The Four and a Half Worlds of Parker — Updated piece (for­mer­ly “Three and a Half Worlds”) which has been edit­ed and expand­ed. Includes some insight from the cre­ator of Parker, Donald Westlake

* Madness in the 20th Century — This arti­cle about Charles Willeford has been updat­ed and tight­ened up

* The Serious Moonlight: The Cinematic World of David Goodis — Updated to include dis­cus­sion of “Goodiscon” as well as expan­sion of the “Goodis on TV” sec­tion

* The Dark Places of James Ellroy — Updated to include dis­cus­sion of Street Kings and L.A. Sheriff’s Homicide

* The Cashiers du Cinemart Manifesto — So per­fect­ly writ­ten, noth­ing could make it bet­ter

* All The Good Guys and the Bad Guys that I’ve Been — One of my favorite pieces from Cashiers du Cinemart, this is an appre­ci­a­tion of Paul Williams by Leon Chase

* The Prize is Your Life — I expand­ed this arti­cle to include sev­er­al oth­er “peo­ple hunt­ing peo­ple” movies

* Oedipal Ketchip — A ter­ri­fic dis­cus­sion of Shuji Terayama’s films by Andrew Grant

* The Highlander Returns! — Two rants from Mike Thompson about the won­der of the Highlander films. This was updat­ed to include cuts of the films that have been made avail­able since the ear­ly days of Cashiers du Cinemart

* Double Impact: The Duplicity of Jean-Claude Van Damme — Brand new piece that has nev­er been pub­lished

* Lone Wolf & Cub — Edited and updat­ed for clar­i­ty


* Tale of the Tape — The whole epic sto­ry of Who Do You Think You’re Fooling? and the con­tro­ver­sy sur­round­ing it. Updated and severe­ly rewrit­ten

* Ironic Press Release — My face­tious dis­cus­sion of You’re Still Not Fooling Anybody

* Attention Enemy — Following up with the You’re Still Not Fooling Anybody fun

* Tarantino in a Can — A look at Tarantino’s obses­sion with the bath­room in his ear­ly works

Star Wars:

* The Lost Cut — Discussing the ear­ly ver­sion of Star Wars that will nev­er see the light of day again

* Jar Jar Done Gone — How The Phantom Menace put heat behind the Fan Editing move­ment

* Triumph of the Whills — This piece now com­bi­nes three dif­fer­ent rants about the mad­ness of King George Lucas

* Star Wars Documentaries — “They Came, They Saw, They Sat”


* 8mm — Mike Thompson com­pares what we saw to what Andrew Kevin Walker wrote

* The Uncredible Hulk — Another great Thompson rant, updat­ed to include the lat­est incar­na­tion of Hulk and the Ang Lee ver­sion, too

* Cat Woman — Thompson declaws this kit­ty

* Digging up the Bones of Indy Jones — Severely rewrit­ten and updat­ed ver­sion of “Jonesing for the New Indy Film” from CdC 9 that traces the tra­jec­to­ry of Jones through sev­er­al pro­posed sequels

* Travis McGee & The Lonely Silver Screen — Combination of the CdC 14 and 15 arti­cles

* Return to the Planet of the Apes — Combining obser­va­tions about the POTA remake from CdC 10 and 13

* Superman: Grounded — Updated to include Superman: Doomsday and the reac­tion to Singer’s reboot of Superman

* The Metamorphoses of Alien III — Includes addi­tion­al con­tent

* Gremlins — A thor­ough look at an ear­ly draft of this clas­sic flick by Chris Cummins

Black Shampoo:

* Interview: John Daniels — Edited and updat­ed

* Interview: Greydon Clark — Edited and updat­ed

* Interview: Tanya Boyd — Edited and updat­ed

* Interview: Skip E Lowe — Edited and updat­ed

* A Few Notes on Black Shampoo — Edited and updat­ed

* Can You Feel the Love? — Edited and updat­ed

* DVD release — Edited and updat­ed

* Interview: Gerald and Gary Lee — Brand new inter­view with the men who made the music for my favorite film


* Crispin Glover — Brand new, nev­er pub­lished

* James Ellroy — Edited and updat­ed

* Guy Maddin — Updated / Additional Content

* Monte Hellman — Edited and updat­ed

* Richard Crawford — Edited and updat­ed

* Taylor Negron — Edited and updat­ed

* Svengoolie — Edited and updat­ed

* Bruce Campbell — Edited and updat­ed

* Keith Gordon — Edited and updat­ed

* Dr. Demento — Edited and updat­ed


* Theater Work Story — Highly edit­ed and rewrit­ten

* Fish out of Water — Andrea’s reac­tion to the UPC in Bowling Green

* Mike & Andrea go to Breakfast — Never before pub­lished tale of woe from Andrea White

* Brendan Fraser + Monkey = Fun! — A new par­ty game from Skizz Cyzyk

Release Date: Tentative for April/May, 2010

As stated near the top,  White is pre-selling the book to raise advertising funds.  If you wish to participate in this program, click on this link: http://www.indiegogo.com/impossiblefunky?c=home