Here’s an event Your Humble Reviewer has been wait­ing for all year: after a brief delay, Cinema Sewer 3 is final­ly avail­able!  For those who haven’t read the comic zine before, Cinema Sewer is an exploita­tion-film cen­tric pub­li­ca­tion cre­at­ed by Robin Bougie that explores the scuzzier side of the cin­e­mat­ic spec­trum with wit, insight and often sur­pris­ing lev­els of schol­ar­ship and research.  This new book from FAB Press col­lects the best of issues #‘s 17 through 20 and also adds an impres­sive 80 pages of new mate­ri­al that diehard fans will want to get.

The above expla­na­tion is rea­son enough to cel­e­brate but Your Humble Reviewer is espe­cial­ly excit­ed because he wrote an arti­cle that accounts for nine of the eighty new pages in this tomb.  This piece is enti­tled “Southern Discomfort” and it pays trib­ute to the ‘city slick­ers vs. dan­ger­ous coun­try folk’ sub­gen­re of b-movies that was spawned by the suc­cess of Deliverance.  It offers cap­sule reviews for twen­ty-five key gen­re entries pro­duced between 1972 and 1987.  It also includes a daz­zling lay­out from Mr. Bougie that mix­es ad mats for the films described with some new Bougie art­work.

If that’s not enough for you, Cinema Sewer 3 also includes a brand new review guide/checklist of must-see movies from the Cannon Films cat­a­log.  Bougie wrote this piece and it cov­ers a whop­ping fifty films, all con­cise­ly out­lined with the kind of breath­less of breath­less, gonzo prose fans have come to expect from this publication’s auteur.  One more con­tents-relat­ed note: the vin­tage mate­ri­al reprint­ed in this vol­ume includes anoth­er team-up between Your Humble Reviewer (prose) and Mr. Bougie (art), a view­ing guide for the five best films of Chen Ping, the leg­endary “sleaze star­let” of the Shaw Brothers stu­dios dur­ing their wild 1970’s era.

And here’s the final sell­ing point: buy a copy direct­ly from Bougie and you can get a cus­tom “dirty” draw­ing cre­at­ed by the man him­self.  This offer is good through December 1st.  You can find out the rest of the details and make your pur­chase here:

Don’t miss out: the pre­sales for this vol­ume were bet­ter than those of Volumes 1 and 2 com­bined.  If you are new to the Cinema Sewer phe­nom­e­non, you can also pick up copies of vol­umes 1 and 2 — accord­ing to Bougie, Volume 1 is already on its third print­ing! Read, learn and get down with the sleaze-cin­e­ma lifestyle…