Sleaze fans rejoice:  Robin Bougie has pub­lished a new issue of Cinema Sewer, his comic-styled zine of obses­sive exploita­tion and adult film study/celebration.  He’s also pub­lished a new issue of Sleazy Slice, a comic book devot­ed to alter­na­tive erot­i­ca.  Fans of his work will be hap­py to note he’s assem­bled a spe­cial deal for fans will­ing to buy the lat­est issue of both titles — and it involves a unique “free­bie” that will appeal to those famil­iar with Bougie’s work.  The deal is on through February 21st.  Read on for all the sleaze-fun details, direct from Bougie’s Cinema Sewer blog — includ­ing links for order­ing…

HEYYYYY! It’s time to bust nuts all over again! An all new Cinema Sewer and an all new Sleazy Slice! These releas­es come but once a year, but I got­ta say, I get excit­ed every damn time.

And that’s not all! I’ve got a spe­cial deal on JUST UNTIL Feb. 21st! Yup. if you order BOTH PUBLICATIONS togeth­er before Feb. 21st, you get a free clas­sic adult film dvd from my col­lec­tion!

It’s called the SUGAR AND SPICE DEAL, and the movies are picked at ran­dom, but you can men­tion either “sug­ar” or “spice” in the com­ments sec­tion when you go through the check out, and that will decide if you get a film with sweet n’ sexy vibe, or a spicy rough n’ NASTY feel! Don’t delay, get a free porno today!

Here are the mags in my store! GO TO IT!



Link to offer on Cinema Sewer blog: