Schlock-Wire: CINEMA SEWER Unleashes Its Latest Issue – And A Special Offer

Sleaze fans rejoice:  Robin Bougie has published a new issue of Cinema Sewer, his comic-styled zine of obsessive exploitation and adult film study/celebration.  He’s also published a new issue of Sleazy Slice, a comic book devoted to alternative erotica.  Fans of his work will be happy to note he’s assembled a special deal for fans willing to buy the latest issue of both titles – and it involves a unique “freebie” that will appeal to those familiar with Bougie’s work.  The deal is on through February 21st.  Read on for all the sleaze-fun details, direct from Bougie’s Cinema Sewer blog – including links for ordering…

HEYYYYY! It’s time to bust nuts all over again! An all new Cinema Sewer and an all new Sleazy Slice! These releases come but once a year, but I gotta say, I get excited every damn time.

And that’s not all! I’ve got a special deal on JUST UNTIL Feb. 21st! Yup. if you order BOTH PUBLICATIONS together before Feb. 21st, you get a free classic adult film dvd from my collection!

It’s called the SUGAR AND SPICE DEAL, and the movies are picked at random, but you can mention either “sugar” or “spice” in the comments section when you go through the check out, and that will decide if you get a film with sweet n’ sexy vibe, or a spicy rough n’ NASTY feel! Don’t delay, get a free porno today!

Here are the mags in my store! GO TO IT!



Link to offer on Cinema Sewer blog:

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