First off, some impor­tant news for Cinema Sewer fans.  The release of Volume Three of this beloved zine’s book-style com­pi­la­tion series is near­ly upon us — in fact, it will hit the racks in August (get more info here).  If you order the new book direct­ly from author/editor Robin Bougie, you can get a per­son­al­ized illus­tra­tion on the front page (please note: per­son­al­ized draw­ings are avail­able for Volume Three only).  Visit this page at Bougie’s Cinema Sewer online shop for all the ear­ly-order details:

And that’s not all for this news update — Robin was kind enough to offer a brief inter­view with this news so Schlockmania took him up on the offer.  Here are the ques­tions Your Humble Reviewer dreamt up and Bougie’s col­or­ful, detailed answers for each.  Be sure to check out the last ques­tion as it describes some of the con­tents of the 80 new pages of mate­ri­al includ­ed in Cinema Sewer Volume Three!

1) You’re well-known for the art in CINEMA SEWER and your oth­er comics but your writ­ing is often quite impres­sive, par­tic­u­lar­ly the jour­nal­is­tic pieces.  What arti­cle are you most proud of as a writer from any past CINEMA SEWER issue?

Well, the thir­teen page overview of gnarly post apoc­a­lypse films from around the world in Vol. 2 is one of my favourite arti­cles (and gen­res) in CS, but it doesn’t real­ly fea­ture my best writ­ing or the most amount of research I’ve done for a sin­gle piece. For those, you’ld prob­a­bly have to look at either the writ­ing I did debunk­ing the Snuff urban leg­end from book 1, the his­to­ry of the under­ground fart­ing Tilton tape (aka “Pastor Gas”) in vol. 2, or the overview of the Marc Wallace porn indus­try HIV scare in vol. 1. On each of those, I put in about a years worth of research and plan­ning. I’m also pret­ty proud about the scoop I got on Thora Birch’s par­ents being for­mer porn stars from the 70s. I was the first one to drop that in print.

2) One of the most dis­tinc­tive ele­ments of CINEMA SEWER is how it treats porn as part of the cult movie world instead of sep­a­rat­ing it into its own artis­tic ghet­to.  Could you describe the phi­los­o­phy as a fan/critic that informs this point of view?

To me porno is very sim­i­lar to com­e­dy — it’s all about tim­ing and giv­ing in to the pri­mal act of laughter/arousal. Only sneez­ing is more invol­un­tary than the two of those. The sim­i­lar­i­ties stack up fur­ther when you note that every­one has a dif­fer­ent idea of what is fun­ny and dif­fer­ent idea of what is sexy. Besides, I’ve hung out with come­di­ans and porn per­form­ers, and it’s amaz­ing how much they have in com­mon. They often act out and seek atten­tion because they’re exhi­bi­tion­ists, have low self esteem, and had prob­lem­at­ic child­hoods. Porn also has a lot of sim­i­lar­i­ties with the musi­cal gen­re, in that the sto­ry comes to a dead halt so that the “dancers” can per­form their “dances” (wink wink, nudge nudge) togeth­er. When the “danc­ing” is amaz­ing, it is con­sid­ered a great film. Same with porn.

We don’t put musi­cals or come­dies aside and treat them as “the oth­er”, a mis­be­got­ten enter­tain­ment shit-scab unwor­thy of respect. A gen­re where your career is taint­ed and ruined in the main­stream if you dare set gen­i­tals in it. It’s fun­ny, because the intro­duc­tion to my new book, Cinema Sewer vol. 3, has a cute lit­tle his­to­ry lesson about the very first piece of pornog­ra­phy in human his­to­ry, the inven­tion of the word “pornog­ra­phy”, and why soci­ety acts as if porn has been a blight upon mankind as long as human his­to­ry — when in actu­al­i­ty it has only exist­ed for just over 150 years. It’s like being born into a cult now — where gen­er­a­tions grow up, live, and die, nev­er ques­tion­ing why depic­tions of nudity/copulation are kept behind closed doors — or won­der­ing if there ever was a time when they were not.

3) If you were given the financ­ing to write and direct a porn film, what would it be like?

Well, I already pro­duced a XXX porn film a cou­ple of years ago — the first het­ero­sex­u­al bib­li­cal porn epic: THE CUMMING OF JIZZUS. It’s got faith-filled fist­ing, prophet­ic piss drink­ing, and even some les­bian lep­ers! JIZZUS had a ridicu­lous­ly tiny bud­get though, and there are so many oth­er things I’d like to do with the gen­re, but I just have not a sin­gle ounce of pas­sion for the process of film­mak­ing. My pas­sion for cre­ativ­i­ty resides in print. I’ve got a mas­sive, engorged, veiny, pur­ple bon­er for the print­ed page, the writ­ten word, and the illus­trat­ed pen+ink line. But you said if I were “given the financ­ing”, and the con­cept that mon­ey would be no object sud­den­ly does remind me that I’ve always want­ed to make a XXX post-nuke end-of-soci­ety film called HUMP MONKEY WASTELAND. H.M.W. would fea­ture ROAD WARRIOR style vehi­cles, destroyed build­ings and rub­ble, grease-smeared vio­lent girl-gangs wear­ing head­bands and foot­ball shoul­der pads, and all kinds of filthy sex mixed with dystopi­an vio­lence. There would be des­per­a­tion, revenge, romance, action, and freaks. Back when I was actu­al­ly seri­ous­ly think­ing it was some­thing that was fea­si­ble to do, I’d even found a guy here in Vancouver who had a hole in the side of his cock, would inject lighter flu­id into the hole, would set his piss stream alight, and could lit­er­al­ly SHOOT FIRE OUT OF HIS COCK! He was gonna be my star. Man, what could have been, Don. What. Could. Have Been.

4) If you could pro­duce a spe­cial edi­tion DVD for any unre­leased cult film, what would it be — and what kind of spe­cial fea­tures would you include on the disc?

Fuck man, good ques­tion, and I’m gonna have to give two because it’s a tie!

THE KILLING OF AMERICA (USA. 1982. Dir: Leonard Schrader and Sheldon Renan)

Featured in Cinema Sewer Vol. 2. This is my fave mon­do of all time, and also one of the most prized doc­u­men­taries in my col­lec­tion. There is a rare dvd that came out in region 2, but there has been no domes­tic North American release — and that breaks my heart. This movie needs to be seen.

Extra fea­tures:

* An hour long fea­turet­te about the movie, it’s after­math (a guy was arrest­ed for own­ing a copy in the UK in 1992), and the man who made it, Leonard Schrader. He was such an inter­est­ing guy, you could make a whole movie just about him and his broth­er, Paul “Taxi Driver” Schrader, and it would just total­ly slay peo­ple dead.

* A pop-up video style text com­men­tary track that gives insight, con­text and infor­ma­tion on the peo­ple places, and events that make up the vio­lent jaw-drop­ping caught-on-cam­era clips in the film — many of which have nev­er been seen any­where else.

My sec­ond fan­ta­sy dvd would be:

THE DOGVILLE SHORTS (USA Circa 1929 to 1931)

These thing are just jaw-drop­ping­ly bizarre. A series of black and white short films star­ring dog actors wear­ing clothes, and moved around sets on wires as if they were liv­ing pup­pets. Some of them learned to walk on their hind legs and did the sce­nes that way, but they look even more weird. Only DOGWAY MELODY has ever made it to dvd as an extra fea­ture on one of the BROADWAY MELODY releas­es, but the rest of the­se fuck­ing things need to be unearthed too. There is one where dogs play col­lege foot­ball, and the entire audi­ence in the bleach­ers are all dogs as well. It’s just mad­ness. Search “dogville shorts” on youtube and get a whiff.

Extra fea­tures:

* Something, any­thing, explain­ing whose idea this was, and how the fuck they pulled the­se things off. Dogs act­ing as dogs are hell on a set at the best of times, it must have been pure mad­ness try­ing to get them to act as humans. A com­men­tary by a knowl­edge­able clas­sic film his­to­ri­an would be great. Eddie Muller is always keen for that kin­da poop. He knows his stuff.

5) CINEMA SEWER VOL. 3 will con­tain 80 pages of new mate­ri­al.  Can you describe any of the new fea­tures in the­se pages for poten­tial buy­ers?

For sure. I’m actu­al­ly pret­ty excit­ed about the exclu­sive new stuff, as I believe it is some of the best work I’ve ever done in Cinema Sewer. There is an 8 page arti­cle about my favourite clas­sic porn star, Rene Bond, and it fea­tures one of the very few inter­views she ever did before she passed away. A fea­ture on Indonesian action star, Peter “Rambu” O’Brian. A giant 12 page fea­ture about Golan-Globus/Cannon films, and what I con­sid­er to be the 50 best movies they pro­duced through­out the nine­teen eight­ies. A great arti­cle writ­ten by you, Don — about the most note­wor­thy clas­sic “Southern Discomfort” (aka Hillbillies mis­treat city-folk) exploita­tion cin­e­ma. A fea­ture about rare 1970s doc­u­men­tary that starred a wheel­chair-bound per­vert who ran a town in Indiana called “Naked City”, lived in a giant geo­des­ic dome, and hired naked wom­en to push him around and sit in his lap. All that, and the answer to this stumper of a triv­ia ques­tion: Which Russ Meyer girl is now a con­ser­v­a­tive Obama-hat­in’ repub­li­can blog­ger? Anyway, that is just the tip of the tur­d­berg. There is far­rrrr too much new stuff to list here!