And now, some news for schlockophiles who are also bib­lio­philes: Robin Bougie’s Cinema Sewer Volume 3 is com­ing out in this sum­mer from FAB Press.  For those who don’t know the name, Cinema Sewer is a pop­u­lar, long-time cult film zine that has fans all over the world — and Cinema Sewer Volume 3 col­lects issues 17–20.  Better yet, it adds 80 pages worth of new mate­ri­al… includ­ing an arti­cle penned by Your Humble Reviewer!  The piece in ques­tion is an epic study/viewing guide of Southern Discomfort films that fea­tures illus­tra­tions by Mr. Bougie and sev­er­al ad mats from his per­son­al col­lec­tion.  Read on for all the bib­lio-schlock­ing details…


The Adults Only Guide to History’s Sickest and Sexiest Movies!

Author: Robin Bougie

The ulti­mate guide to the wildest excess­es of grind­house movies and beyond… Get Ready to Be Flushed!

The cel­e­brat­ed under­ground smash that is Cinema Sewer the mag­a­zine has been trans­formed and mutat­ed into CINEMA SEWER: THE BOOK — and fol­low­ing the out­stand­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty of the first two books, VOLUME THREE has been unleashed onto a now slight­ly-less-unsus­pect­ing world!

A mind-melt­ing com­pi­la­tion of gonzo writ­ing, illus­tra­tion and comics about the most insane, sexy, awk­ward, cheesy, hilar­i­ous, upset­ting and jaw-drop­ping movies in the his­to­ry of film, Cinema Sewer joy­ous­ly cel­e­brates the sleazi­est aspects of the bizarre cin­e­mat­ic his­to­ry.

Issues 17 to 20 of Robin Bougie’s cel­e­brat­ed under­ground smash mag­a­zine are exhaus­tive­ly revised and col­lat­ed in this sec­ond wild vol­ume, togeth­er with an addi­tion­al 80 pages of nev­er-before-seen inter­views, rants, comics, hard-to-find clas­sic movie adver­tis­ing, and graph­ic illus­tra­tions by Bougie and a host of his tal­ent­ed friends from both the comic book and ani­ma­tion indus­tries. Regardless of whether you’re just dis­cov­er­ing the world of clas­sic porn, hor­ror, and exploita­tion movies, or if they’re a long time fan, you’ll find plen­ty to get excit­ed about, as you glee­ful­ly slosh around in the filth of the Cinema Sewer!

Cinema Sewer is over­whelm­ing­ly pos­i­tive in out­look. Intelligent, relaxed and unpre­ten­tious, the book has a DIY aes­thet­ic that screams punk chic while the text offers an unre­lent­ing rene­gade atti­tude.’

- Stu Willis, Sex Gore Mutants

Cinema Sewer is an absolute must. It’s like find­ing a film-reel in the dump­ster of an alley on 42nd Street, sur­round­ed by used con­doms and a dead cat.’

- Louis Fowler,

The Author/Editor:

In 1997, under­ground comic artist and zine pub­lish­er Robin Bougie began Cinema Sewer mag­a­zine, an ode to the seamier side of film and the cul­ture which sur­rounds it. With an obscene­ly large col­lec­tion of rare press books, posters, and obscure deranged movies, Bougie used his geek knowl­edge, his artis­tic skills as comic book artist, and con­nec­tions in the world of porn (his day job is a porn indus­try jour­nal­ist for mag­a­zi­nes such as FOX and SCREW) to give birth to this unseem­ly but love­able bas­tard-child of a pub­li­ca­tion. Printed comic-sized on crud­dy newsprint — ‘a read­ing expe­ri­ence meant to take place in the bath­room while defe­cat­ing’ as one crit­ic put it — the mag­a­zine quick­ly found an audi­ence amongst film fans look­ing for some­thing total­ly dif­fer­ent. Bougie con­tributes lin­er notes for dvd releas­es for com­pa­nies such as Something Weird Video and has self-pub­lished over 70 comic books since he was 18.