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This isn’t news, as the deal in question has been on their site for months, but it is good enough to bear repeating here.  First, a little background: Shout! Factory has a store online to sell the company’s merchandise directly to the consumer.  The site is well worth exploring because it has a number of web-only items and special deals that make it noteworthy for the value-conscious pop culture obsessive.

One particularly wonderful deal they offer is a special bundle that collects all the blu-rays that Shout! Factory has released thus far in their “Roger Corman Cult Classics” collection for $100.  For that price, you get a whopping seven discs: Death Race 2000, Piranha, Rock & Roll High School, Starcrash, Humanoids From The Deep, Galaxy Of Terror and Forbidden World.  That’s a lot of viewing and a lot of special features – and if you buy it as a bundle, you get 50% off list price.

In short, this is a steal for all cine-schlock addicts.  If you want to go directly to this deal, just click on the sales icon below (you’ll be helping out Schlockmania, too!).

Roger Corman Blu-ray Bundle

7 Phenomenal Roger Corman Cult Classic Films on Blu-ray. We’re celebrating these releases by knocking nearly 50% off the combined list price just by buying all 7 phenomenal Blu-ray editions together at once! Death Race 2000, Forbidden World, Galaxy Of Terror, Humanoids From The Deep, Piranha, Rock ‘N’ Roll High School and Starcrash.